How to ascend Teide’s Peak

Climbing the highest point in Spain appeals to many people. Visiting Teide’s crater is a unique experience: being able to observe various islands at the same time, with the entire geography of Tenerife at your feet or smelling the sulphur emitted from volcanic fumaroles are some of the experiences that await hikers who ascend to the mountain’s peak. 

Because so many people want to visit this fragile environment, Teide National Park decided to limit the number of people who would be allowed to climb to the crater on a daily basis. Even so, between January 1 and December 31, 2013, the park emitted 24,275 permits which allowed 62,893 people visit the summit of Spain. 

If you wish to ascend to Teide’s peak you need a free permit from Teide National Park which can only be obtained via the park’s web site: 

Once you have filled out the form on their site, you must print the permit and present it to the park personnel at the beginning of the trail. It is very important that you also present your DNI or passport to confirm that you are the person named on the permit. 

There is a set limit to the number of daily visitors, which includes regular visitors and official guides. This permit is necessary to visit the crater between 9:00 h. and 17:00 h., regardless if the visitor comes to the Rambleta area by cable car or on foot. The national park is the only entity that can give these permits and therefore, use of Teide Cable Car does not include the permit to ascend to the summit. However, if you do not have a permit you can still enjoy the trails that go to La Fortaleza and Pico Viejo, which do not require prior authorisation to visit. 

The final ascent to the volcano’s summit is done through Trail 10 of the National Park Network, known as the Telesforo Bravo Trail in honour of the illustrious geologist of Tenerife who did so much to help get to know and to value the origins and secrets of this mythical place. The hike to the peak covers 650 m, with a change in altitude of 163 m, starting at 3,555 m at the start of the trail and reaching an altitude of 3,717.98 m at its highest point. 

Our suggestions to best enjoy ascending Teide: 

You can contract and organise your ascent to Teide Peak through the Volcano Life Experience web site. 

Without a doubt the most comfortable way to visit the highest point in Spain and enjoy the activity without having to worry about anything is using the cable car. We offer the services of an expert guide, picnic, transportation and we will take care of the paperwork for your permit from the national park (depending on the route). 

You can also contract a VIP version, for only you and your partner or a group of friends. 

You can ascend using Teide Cable Car or, if you are in good shape and love hiking, on foot through Montaña Blanca.

In addition, if you want to climb through Montaña Blanca you can spend the night in the Altavista Mountain Refuge in order to see the most famous sunrise in the islands, a spectacular vision that you have to enjoy at least once in your life.

You have a multitude of options to choose from. Don’t miss out on the unique experience of ascending the highest peak in Spain!

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