Renovation of Route 040, the route with the greatest elevation increase in Spain

The project was announced by the President of the Cabildo, Carlos Alonso in his press conference, in which he also reminded us of the unique nature of the route, which “has the greatest elevation increase in all of Spain”. Alonso also said that this route would be used as an important tourist attraction linked to nature and leisure, “one of the main areas of work that we are promoting from Tenerife Tourism, directly tied to the strategy of generating investment for new tourism products that generate economic activity and create jobs”. 

Route 040 is often used by elite athletes for training, as well as by hikers and amateur athletes, so its renovation is necessary to guarantee the best safety conditions and proper signage.

The island’s Councillor for the Environment, Ana Lupe Mora, highlighted the coordination between the Cabildo, the Town Council of Los Realejos and the Canarian Federation of Mountain Climbers “so that this project moves forward” and also said that this initiative was an example of how environmental conservation of natural spaces could generate green jobs.

The Mayor of Los Realejos, Manuel Domínguez, defined this initiative as “an ambitious project” that has been worked on for many years. He explained that for his municipality, which borders the eminently tourist spot Puerto de La Cruz, “athletic activities is a great alternative, so we always try to link tourism to sport”.

The renovation project, which has a budget of around 250,000 euros, will completely cover the 27,700 meters of the route to Teide (the route later returns to its starting point, making a total of 60 kilometres). Among its values, the most notable is the beauty of the natural settings it crosses, such as the Protected Landscape of Los Campeches, Tigaiga and Ruiz (Los Realejos), the Corona Forestal Nature Park and Teide National Park (La Orotava), as one of the experts who prepared the project, Miguel Ángel Noriega explained.

The Director of Teide National Park, Manuel Durban, mentioned that in the national park there are more than 250 kilometres of trails. “This route manages to mix a tourist attraction with respect for the environment, by using existing trails and signage”, Durban stated.

The trail begins at Socorro beach, continues to Tigaiga and reaches the El Lance Lookout. From there it ascends to La Fortaleza, which is in the national park, and culminates with by ascending Teide through Montaña Blanca. 

Hikers also have the option just before this point of continuing along a short trail that connects with it leading to the El Portillo Visitor Centre. 

The fact that this is the route with the greatest elevation increase in Spanish territory, and which can also be done in a single day, makes it one of the most attractive in the entire country. The route favours the recovery of old paths that have fallen in disuse or that have been abandoned, and the renovation work that is being carried out in its signage as well as its maintenance will lead to the official approval of some of these sections in the future.

Hiking is one of the three main activities carried out by the five million tourists that spend their holidays on the island every year. Route 040, which will become a strong tourist attraction for this destination, will be added to the more than 1,500 kilometres of trails in Tenerife.

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