The landscape leaves nobody indifferent

Climbing to Teide's summit is one of the greatest experiences you can have in the Canary Islands.  Ascending the tallest peak in Spain, which is also the third tallest volcano in the world, is not something you can do every day. But despite its altitude of 3,718 m, the peak can be reached comfortably by almost anybody.  Whether from the cable car or on foot, we can reach the crater via a well maintained trail.

One of the companies that takes hundreds of tourists a year to this special place is Gaiatours. Sergio González guides visitors to Teide Peak, reminding them when they are tired that it is worth the effort.   "Our best excursion is climbing to Teide Peak. Because of how difficult it is to obtain the necessary permits, the company has specialised in taking visitors to the crater, going up and down using the cable car.  We do a guided route of the area, visiting some lookouts, interpreting the landscape and finally, climbing to the peak. Once we finish the route we always visit the national park".

Even if at this stage of our lives our heart beats faster and we breathe harder, any healthy person can visit the peak. "We usually have clients aged between 25 and 70, some of them with a great deal of mountaineering experience, while for others it is their first time on a mountain of this altitude, everyone is equally, but everyone is equally impressed".

When we ascend the Teleforo Bravo trail and reach the crater, we find a majestic landscape.  Islands like Gran Canaria, La Palma, La Gomera or El Hierro can be seen clearly on the horizon, Tenerife seems to be under our feet and we can see that the sky has a different tone of blue. The cold wind and the sulphur smell reminds us that we are very high up on an active volcano.

"What surprises my clients most when reach Teide Peak is the landscape, they are very surprised to see the neighbouring islands.  The volcanic landscape that can be seen from there doesn't leave anybody indifferent, whether they are mountaineers or beginners. The contrasting colours and the sky's special blue tone provoke the strongest emotions".

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