To take off and see Teide and the sea of clouds under your feet is unforgettable

Flying is one of humanity’s great conquests. Flying over land and seeing the Earth at your feet is an unforgettable experience that now we can all enjoy. Paragliding allows you to fly in a relaxed way without the sounds of motors. And the sensation of flying is total.

As unbelievable as it may seem, Cristo Alfonso gets to do this every day for work at his company Kangaroo Tandem. Two years ago he decided to turn his passion for paragliding into a business dedicated to taking anybody who wants to go flying on an adventure through the skies of Tenerife.

Cristo explains that “the service we offer is as simple as it is exciting, paragliding in tandem. The best part is that the client can fly with no experience whatsoever, because every flight is made with an instructor”. Apparently age is not a problem for flying either. “Many think that people who fly are young athletes, but that’s not the case. We have had clients as young as 12 years old and as old as 80, and they all enjoy the activity very much”.

Since clients can fly in these tandem paragliders with no previous experience, many of them call Cristo wanting to fly for the first time. “90% of our clients are paragliding for the first time. Although there are people who return every year and also experienced paragliders who want to fly over beautiful settings like the north or south of Tenerife. What they all agree upon is that this is the best thing they’ve done while visiting the island.”

Kangaroo Tandem has flights taking off from three different places: Taucho, Ifonche and Teide National park. “Without a doubt the most spectacular flight is the one over the national park. To take off and see Teide to the left and the sea of clouds under your feet is unforgettable. The flight over La Orotava valley is one of the most surprising services that we offer. There is a very special moment when it seems like we are walking on the sea of clouds, and then we fly straight through it and discover the valley on the other side, unforgettable.”

Regarding the safety of these kinds of activities, Cristo is convinced, “in the two years that I’ve been doing this work, I’ve had more than a thousand flights; zero accidents”. However, he did point out there is some risk involved. “We always recommend that clients look for companies with instructor pilots, and that are registered tourism businesses, as a guarantee that the activity will be safe. There are many people who offer similar flights on their own and that is not recommended”.

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