Astronomy as a draw for tourism in Tenerife

Discover Experience is a company who has seen that astronomy can be a resource for tourism and information.  It was born from the idea of offering an alternative form of entertainment to tourists who visit us and for local residents who want to live new experiences; in other words, to take advantage of the great immaterial resource provided by nature.

The sky that we can enjoy in the Canary Islands is one of the darkest and most transparent in the world, a natural luxury that only two other places in the world can match: Chile andHawaii. For Miguel Hernández, one of three founding members of Discover Experience, "Tenerife has a high quality sky for stargazing, which astronomers have been taking advantage of on a professional level for centuries.  Every year hundreds of scientists visit our observatories, attracted by the quality of the atmosphere on the islands and its dark sky. Discover Experience want to teach this great potential in a different way, providing more than a service, an experience".

This company, created through the merger of two Canarian businesses, Cienciamanía and Alpha Cygni, wants to take advantage of the great potential for stargazing of the skies over the Canary Islands  and also the opportunity to offer stargazing activities from one of the unique volcanic landscapes in the world.  Discovery Experience wants to unite the sky and volcanoes in services that allow their clients to observe the sky with powerful telescopes and also enjoy an evening of stargazing, hiking and moonlight.  "We have a spectacular landscape both above and below the horizon, we can't separate one from the other, to see the sky from this volcanic lookout is an experience that you will never forget".

To chance to see the closest galaxies, the rings of Saturn, the craters of the Moon, nebulas or the clouds that surround Venus, are some of the marvels that this company puts in front of their clients' eyes. "One of the most gratifying things about this job is to see the face of people who, for example, see Saturn for the first time, they don't expect to see its rings.  They've seen it in pictures, but when they see it through the telescope with their own eyes they get very excited".

If Discover Experience has a base of operations, it is in Las Cañadas del Teide, an enclave famous for its landscapes, flora and fauna, but not very well known for its night sky. "The area surrounding Teide can be enjoyed 24 hours a day.  If by day it is spectacular, by night it is majestic. Seeing Teide by moonlight is surprising, the environment is transformed and it feels like you're on another planet".

The company, based in Los Realejos, is entering into its second year with a great deal of enthusiasm and expectations, with a plan to increase the number and variety of services they offer. 

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