Stargazing on Teide on a visit to Tenerife

Tenerife is not only a destination for sun and beach, although it needs to be said that the island's black and golden sand beaches are perfect to relax and recharge in the sun.

Nor is the nightlife in Tenerife limited exclusively to the pubs in the south of the island, with their great drinks and music.

At night, in Tenerife, the starry sky takes on a life of its own under the pure and clear sky of the Teide National Park, which not for nothing has received the Starlight certificate from the homonymous Foundation for the quality of its sky.

So when making your suitcase, make sure to put inside some warm clothes and good shoes in order not to miss the great night show of stargazing on Teide.

Ready to find out why you should stargaze on Teide during your visit to Tenerife?

Teide stargazing experience

Why stargazing on Teide

Do you know how many stars there are in the sky? It is estimated that there are a total of 14,000,000,000 stars in our galaxy (consider that the Milky Way alone consists of about a hundred thousand million stars).

It's impressive, isn't it?

And yet, despite the large number of heavenly bodies that embrace us every night, few places on Earth allow us to enjoy the stars as they deserve.

Light pollution, smog in big cities and bad weather conditions are some of the reasons that prevent us from marvelling every day at the magic of the stars.

And you know what?

The Teide National Park is one of those few privileged locations on the face of the Earth to reconnect with the Universe.

The Teide National Park is the perfect amphitheatre to take a prime seat, look up to the sky and gaze at the stars as you have never done before.

Did you know that 83 of the 88 existing constellations can be seen from Mount Teide? This is not a typo. All the constellations of the northern hemisphere and most constellations of the southern hemisphere can be contemplated from the Teide National Park.

The best thing is that stars and planets are perfectly visible from Mount Teide, without the need for big telescopes. Such is the magic awaiting you.

It may be true that you are just a speck in the Universe. But it is also true that, under the stars of Teide, this little speck is a privileged creature enjoying the magnitude of the Universe, its galaxies, planets and stars.

Discover the secrets of the starry sky at Mount Teide

Imagine yourself stargazing on Teide

We will invite you now to make an exercise of imagination.

We know it's not easy because you have not yet visited Tenerife, but since you have certainly spent several weeks getting information on the island to make the most of your visit, it won't be difficult for you to imagine the following:

You have spent a fantastic day at the beach, breaking away from your routine and from the hustle and bustle you are immersed in every day. You feel great.

You want more. You want to go out to explore the most magical and genuine places of Tenerife.

You step into the hotel and take a well-deserved shower. You have a bite to eat. The beach has made you feel hungry. Soon the transfer will pick you up for you to embark on a stellar journey through volcanic landscapes that won't fade from your memory in a long time.

There it is. The bus is waiting for you. Your new adventure of the day begins: you are going to stargaze on Teide and you feel like when you were a child and going on a school trip.

On your way to stargazing on Teide, you make a stop to stretch your legs and breathe the fresh and clean air of Europe's most visited National Park.

This is the last stop before enjoying the best sunset in Tenerife, from the heights, on Teide.

You have dinner before setting off to enjoy the stars, you don't want the rumbling of your stomach to spoil the most magical stargazing experience of your life. The meal and drinks are not included in the price of the activity you have reserved. But you don't mind. Everything is delicious.

This is it. You are at the vantage point, ready to enjoy a unique sunset. What a show! You don't remember ever seeing such a sublime sunset.

You fancy a hot chocolate. This is exactly what your body is asking for: something that will comfort you and keep you warm while you enjoy a stargazing experience on Teide which will lift you straight up into the Universe, where you will dance among dozens of thousands of millions sparkling stars, assisted at all times by the wise instructions of your Starlight guide, who will unravel all and every one of the mysteries of these small heavenly bodies that twinkle endlessly under your watchful and intrigued gaze.

The best place for stargazing in Tenerife can be yours

You want it.

You want to stargaze in Tenerife from the best possible place and you are in the right place to get it.

In the Teide National Park, due to its spectacular volcanic landscapes and the shades of its volcanic stones in the daylight, there are people constantly coming and going. If you have already visited it by day, you know that well.

By day, but not at night.

We suggest that you get to know the Teide National Park in a more dramatic light than daylight, without the usual daytime crowds, with a superb sunset and a stargazing show.

Give it no more thought. Open your suitcase again and put good shoes and warm clothes inside now that you are still in time to visit the best place in the Canary Islands to gaze at the sparkling stars at dusk on a late afternoon that you won't forget in a long time.

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