Teide touches the Moon on May 14


On May 14 Teide’s shadow will align with the rising of the full Moon.

Sombra del Teide

Nature provides us with marvellous celestial spectacles. The never ending dance of heavenly bodies provides us with spectacular coincidences. On May 14 we will be able to enjoy one of these alignments, which will combine the majesty of Teide and the always spectacular full Moon. As always, on that day Teide’s shadow will project out toward the eastern horizon. The long shadow will cross the national park as the sun sets. When the king of the heavens is about to disappear behind the horizon, the volcano’s shadow will be seen in all its splendour. What is out of the ordinary is that in that precise instant the full Moon will appear right where the shadow is pointing. 

This phenomenon can be seen on May 14, and without a doubt the best place to enjoy it is from the summits of Teide itself. To celebrate this unique moment, Volcano Life Experience and Teide Cable Car have prepared a special activity that, among other things, will allow visitors to follow this phenomenon live from anywhere in the world. The astronomical event will be broadcast through telefericoteide.com and will include commentaries and explanations by Miquel Serra, a researcher from the IAC (Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias) and director of the Teide Observatory. 

The phenomenon will begin half an hour before the sun sets, at 19:30 GMT (Canary Island time 20:30 h, GMT + 1:00) when Teide’s shadow will begin to cross the national park toward the southeast. As the sun drops below the north-eastern horizon, the shadow will stretch out in the opposite direction. At 19:36 GMT (20:36 Canary Islands time), the Moon will rise and a few minutes after, when Teide’s shadow projects on the horizon, you will be able to witness the phenomenon: the volcano’s shadow will align with the full Moon. 

This alignment will last a few minutes until the shadow disappears and the darkness of night overcomes the light of day. From that moment on you will be able to enjoy a spectacular full Moon, which on this occasion will be accompanied by Saturn. 

If the atmosphere cooperates with astronomy, another show will follow, this time meteorological. If there are favourable weather conditions, right after the sun sets you will be able to see anticrepuscular rays. These are rays of lights and shadows produced by clouds that project over the head of an observer, so that when they look at the horizon it appears as a vanishing point. 

Volcano Life Experience is born, a portal offering activities on Teide. 


Teide, the standard of Tenerife, receives the majority of the tourists that visit the island. In fact, Teide National Park is the most popular park in Europe, with three million visitors a year. The volcanic landscape, its climate, nature and sky attract tourists from around the world who want to enjoy an unforgettable experience in a truly unique setting. 

With the goal of offering all the leisure activities available on and around Teide in a single easy to use web platform, Volcan Life Experience was created (www.telefericoteide.com).  This is a web portal where lovers of adventure, nature or the stars can sign up for multiple activities with just a few clicks of a mouse. In order to provide this, www.telefericoteide.com has exclusive partnerships with service providers who have a great deal of experience offering their activities in this privileged setting and who maintain the highest quality standards. Organized in six categories: Hiking, Excursions, Stars, Teide Cable Car, Adventure and Cueva del Viento, www.telefericoteide.com offers around 20 different activities whose common denominator is Teide. 

Hiking to the Teide crater from Teide Cable Car, visiting the national park in a Safari Jeep, flying over the island on a paraglider, riding a bicycle or stargazing accompanied by experts, are just some of the activities offered in the portal. 

Every experience offered on the web portal has a broad photographic report of the activity, detailed description, itinerary, schedules, recommendations, level of difficulty and, of course, an intuitive payment gateway so that you can buy the experience from your computer quickly and easily. 

The experiences offered by www.telefericoteide.com are backed by the guarantee of Teleférico del Teide, a company with 40 years of experience working for visitors of Teide, and one of the main nature leisure companies in the archipelago. This initiative emerged from the suggestions made by many of Teleférico’s clients who wanted to be able to do other activities in the national park and be able to contract them easily and in the same place. 

Telefericoteide.com is the first portal specializing in offering leisure activities on Teide and its surroundings. A strategy meant to diversify the activities available on the island. 

On May 14, Volcano Life Experience will be officially presented with a special act that will take place at the Teide Cable Car installation. Taking advantage of the alignment of Teide’s shadow with the full Moon, Volcano Life Experience will be presented to the public in an event that will be attended by political leaders, tourism agents and the media. 

The most exclusive stargazing activity on the island 

observacion de estrellas

In its desire to offer its clients new and different leisure alternatives, Volcano Life Experience has designed services that seek to show a different side of the volcano and its surroundings. Teide’s privileged altitude and the spectacular volcanic geography of Tenerife mean that the appearance of the island’s landscape evolves throughout the day. From the Englishman James Cook to the German Humboldt, there have been many travellers who have been moved by the vision of daybreak and sunset seen from Teide. This experience is what we want to share with our clients through our new service Sunset and Stars.

 Teide and its surroundings transform when the sun sets. As the suns fades beyond the horizon, Teide’s shadow advances east, creating a spectacular projection. Our “Sunset and Stars” service offers clients the opportunity to enjoy this nocturnal experience in an unequalled setting. The service begins by watching the sun set from one of the national park’s lookout points. 

Weather permitting, the activity begins with a ride on the Cable Car to the upper station, located at an altitude of 3,555 meters. From there our visitors will take a trail to the western slope of the volcano and while enjoying a glass of champagne they will witness a beautiful sunset and the curious phenomenon of Teide’s shadow projecting out on the atmosphere. As the last rays of light fade, they will take the cable car back down to the base station where they will be treated to a cocktail dinner featuring typical Canarian gastronomy.  After dinner another show starts. As darkness falls over the landscape the sky over the national park fills with stars, the heavenly dome is seen with surprising sharpness and clarity. Tenerife’s sky is considered one of the clearest and most transparent in the world, along with the skies over Hawaii and Atacama. The cherry on top of this wonderful activity is that this activity is based on astronomy. Specialized guides will interpret the night sky for the visitors, who will enjoy observing the constellations visible that night and learn about the different myths that are tied to them. Later visitors will have a chance to use telescopes to observe with their own eyes the Moon, planets, star clusters, etc. 

This online broadcast will be directed by the astrophysicist Miquel Serra of IAC (Instituto Astrofísico de Canarias)

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