We have the winner of our May #TEIDELOVER competition on Instagram!

How quickly May has passed, #TEIDELOVER!

The great moment has come: It's time to know which culinary month's photograph in our #TEIDELOVER competition on Instagram is the winner of the first monthly draw and, therefore, wins our most authentic and exclusive experience to watch the sunset and observe the stars.

But before we announce it, just in case you do not know, yet, what #TEIDELOVER is about, let us explain briefly.

What is our #TEIDELOVER competition on Instagram

#TEIDELOVER is a 2 in 1.

On the one hand, it is a photography competition focusing on the silhouette of Mount Teide linked to different themes, in which you can win up to €1,000.

On the other hand, it is a series of monthly prize draws (with different themes), in which you can win the Sunset and Stars on Teide experience for 2 people.

May’s #TEIDELOVER winning photograph

May has been the #TEIDELOVER culinary month.

Throughout the month, all of us who have this special connection with Mount Teide, this “I don’t know,” this “it is hard to explain” (you know what we mean), have had the opportunity to show the whole world, through Instagram, that we are crazy about Mount Teide. So much so, that we are able to identify its silhouette even in our foods!

And now, without further delay, we announce that the author of the photograph that has won the Volcano Teide’s #TEIDELOVER prize draw on Instagram in May is... ¡@milkciocolate!

Volcano Teide #TEIDELOVER competition on Instagram

Isn’t it great?

Let us congratulate @milkciocolate for having proved in our competition to be a #TEIDELOVER from the skin to the bone.

But since there are many more of us who have this special connection with Mount Teide, we present the sensational photographs that have been entered into the #TEIDELOVER competition on Instagram during the culinary month.

#TEIDELOVER Photography Competition on Instagram - Culinary Month

How can you show that you are a true #TEIDELOVER in our Instagram competition?

You only need to regularly check our blog or our Instagram for the monthly theme, which we will announce at the beginning of every month (monthly themes are available in the competition rules, if you prefer to check them out sooner).

Once you know what the #TEIDELOVER theme of the month is, upload as many photos as you want to your public Instagram account, tag them with the hashtag #TEIDELOVER and mention us (@volcanoteide) in their titles

It’s that simple!

Check out the #TEIDELOVER June theme and start participating to win up to €1,000 or our Sunset and Stars on Teide experience.

Good luck #TEIDELOVER!

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