We know the winner of the urban month in the #TEIDELOVER competition!

Hello #TEIDELOVER. Welcome home.

Make yourself comfortable, because... the time has come to know which one of the nearly 280 submitted photographs has won our prize draw at the end of the #TEIDELOVER urban month and to enjoy identifying Teide in urban elements!

Do you have children? Show them the photographs and ask them to identify the silhouette of the Teide volcano on each one of the photos in this article’s album. You’ll see how much fun they will have playing #TEIDELOVER with you!

And what is #TEIDELOVER?

#TEIDELOVER is our 2 in 1 competition on Instagram, because it is a monthly prize draw (every month we draw the Sunset and Stars on Teide for 2 people, our most exclusive and complete activity to behold the sunset at an altitude of 3,555 m and conduct an astronomical observation under the pure and clear sky of Teide, and at the same time it is a photo competition (upon the finalisation of the competition at the end of August a jury composed of professional photographers will choose 3 photographs, which will be awarded prizes of up to €1,000 and which we will exhibit at the cable car upper station, so that every #TEIDELOVER, from any part of the world, who will visit our facilities can enjoy them).

You can find all information in the competition rules.

And if you don’t know yet what it means to be a #TEIDELOVER, click ► and find out more ↓.

Which photograph has won in the urban #TEIDELOVER month?

The author of the winning photograph in our competition on Instagram for Teide enthusiasts, who are able to identify its silhouette even in urban elements, is... @manuelgzavala, and the photo is amazing ↓

#TEIDELOVER photo competition on Instagram by Volcano Teide

Do you feel like spending a nice time identifying the shape of the Teide volcano in urban elements? Take a look at the album of the #TEIDELOVER urban month, because Teide hides in the most incredible places, where you would never have imagined to find it! For real #TEIDELOVER travellers.

#TEIDELOVER competition on Instagram: June 2017

How to take part in the Volcano Teide competition on Instagram

Believe us, when we say that participating in our #TEIDELOVER competition on Instagram is really easy.

If you want to participate this July, learn how to participate in the nature and landscape month of the #TEIDELOVER competition.

Good luck #teidelover! We can’t wait to see your “Teides” in nature and landscapes.

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