A technician from the cable manufacturer joins the evaluation team

With the rescue work completed, work has begun on the necessary operations to recover the gondolas locked in the cables and bring them back to the stations. The installation has now been returned to normal and the gondolas are back in what is known as their starting position. Work began yesterday afternoon on investigating the failure with the assistance of two specialised technicians from Doppelmayr/Garaventa, the Swiss manufacturer of the cable car.

In this phase our work has two main objectives. The first is to draw up a joint technical report on the causes of the breakdown, and the second is to inspect, repair or adjust, if necessary, the systems involved in the failure so that we can certify that the installation is in perfect condition to be open to the public.

At the same time we have requested the presence of a technician from the cable car cable manufacturer Fatzer, also a Swiss company, in order to make a thorough inspection of the cables and certify that they are in a fit condition for the installation to operate properly. A report certifying the work done on the cables will also be prepared. This work will start this Friday upon the arrival in Tenerife of the technician.

We will restore the service under conditions of maximum safety on Thurday, 23rd March 2017.


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