Buy your Cable Car tickets online and don’t queue at all

If you don’t like wasting your time queuing up when you travel, you will be delighted to read this news article.

We have introduced our new Online Ticket system to buy the Teide Cable Car tickets online, thanks to which you won’t queue at all. It has loads of benefits.

Teide Cable Car Online Ticket

Teide Cable Car Online Ticket is the new Teide Cable Car ticket to fly over craters and lava flows without having to queue to access the cabin.

The Online Ticket system of purchase online, through travel agencies or hotels, is very simple.

The only thing you need to do to enjoy its benefits (which we explain below) is book your Online Ticket online through our website and choose one of the time slots available.

You can choose among different time slots. From opening to closing time, you have the option to book a Cable Car Online Ticket every 10 minutes. We recommend that you avoid the time slot between 10.30am and noon on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

New Teide Cable Car Online Ticket

The Online Ticket system allows to buy tickets for the ascent and descent or for the ascent only. If you buy your ticket for the descent only, the system will not display the option to choose a time slot as shown on the image above.

Benefits of the new Teide Cable Car tickets online booking system

As you may know, there are two ways of buying the Teide Cable Car tickets: at the ticket office, after having queued in the corresponding line, or online, now without any queues.

Until now, those who bought the Cable Car tickets online had to exchange them in the line to the waiting room, different from the line to the ticket office, and once in the waiting room they had to wait for their turn to get on board of one of our cabins.

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Online Ticket allows you to avoid queues

With the new Online Ticket, we recommend that you show up at the premises of the Cable Car half an hour prior to the boarding time indicated on your ticket, in order to have enough time to park and go to the special access which we created so that you can access the cabin directly, without the need to wait in the waiting room along with the customers who bought their tickets at the ticket office, and start flying over craters and lava flows on your way to enjoy the most spectacular and breathtaking views in whole Tenerife right away.

Cable Car Online Ticket to buy online and avoid queues

In order to enjoy the benefits offered by the new Teide Cable Car tickets online booking systemyou just need to buy your tickets through our website, either directly or through a travel agency, or hotel. If you buy them at the hotel reception or through a travel agency make sure that your ticket is indeed an Online Ticket. If the booking process is not carried out through our network of collaborating entities, your ticket will not be an Online Ticket and thus you won’t be able to enjoy these benefits.

Find out which days and times are best to visit Mount Teide by cable car and get the most out of your Online Ticket.

Book your Teide Cable Car Online Ticket online now

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