Enjoy your summer, but be safe

Every summer thousands of people visit Teide National Park. Tourists from many countries who want to enjoy the volcanic setting of Tenerife. The vast majority of these visitors to the island make a reservation to ascend to the highest point.

However, what starts out being a fun day can turn into a bad experience if you don’t keep in mind some simple recommendations. Because of its altitude, Teide and its surroundings have a high level of insolation. When you visit the summit you receive much more ultraviolet radiation than on any beach. For this reason you should always be prepared to protect yourself from the sun with a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen with a high SPF. It is also never a bad idea in this terrain to carry a bottle of water at all times.

If you want to walk in the national park, always do so wearing adequate hiking shoes and clothes. No matter how short your route is, you should always be prepared. Just as important as the clothes you wear is to plan ahead, be aware of the time of day that has the highest insolation, the difficulty of your route and the time the sun rises and sets. Don’t let nightfall surprise you, if you aren’t planning to hike in the dark.

The summits of Tenerife are well known by experts for their sudden weather changes, Teide is not an extension of the beach and therefore you have to be aware that if you ascend to the upper station of the cable car during the day or at night the temperature is low, even in summer. Whenever you want to do outdoor activities take a look at the weather predictions and if you can do your activity with a certified guide.

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