Teide Cable Car dresses for summer

Those who are familiar with Teide’s surroundings know that the climatic conditions change radically throughout the year. During the winter a visitor will experience sub-zero temperatures while in the summer it can be over 40 degrees Celsius. After the icy conditions of winter a blazing sun appears in summer.

This means that all the machinery of the cable car has to be designed to resist the extreme weather characteristic of Teide National Park. One of the strategies designed for this purpose is to change the passenger cabins to adapt to summer conditions. Every year, in the middle of spring, the cabins used during the winter are changed for cabins more suited for summer conditions.

As the person in charge of the Teide Cable Car station, Juan Carlos González, explains, “the passenger cabins that we use during the winter season are more robust, which is necessary to withstand the harsh conditions of wind, ice and snow. Therefore, they function more mechanically”. The new summer cabins, which were installed on April 24, are equally safe, fast and have the same carrying capacity. However, there are different in some aspects. “The cabins that are installed in summer are somewhat roomier, and the windows almost reach the floor, giving passengers an even better view of the landscape”.

Although it might be surprising to some that there are two sets of passenger cabins, the station chief assures us that “by regulation the cable car has everything duplicated, including the cabins and the motors”. The change was done at night so as not to interfere with the activity of the company and to not inconvenience clients. In this work, which lasted eight hours, an electronics engineer from the Swiss company Fray Ag Stanns participated, also supervising the migration of the computer programmes.

Juan Carlos González reminded us that this only means that the area in which the passengers travel changes. “The suspension, cables, and pulleys are all the same, we only change the passenger cabins. The passengers will only notice that the windows are larger and that they have a bit more space inside”.

Just like the Equinox and the setting the clocks forward, changing Teide Cable Car’s passenger cabins marks the arrival of spring and good weather. 

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