Teide Cable Car will reopen this week

On Wednesday, 15 March, the cable car service was interrupted, resulting in the successful evacuation of the passengers in the cabins as well as the visitors located at the upper station.

What should have been a standard control stop, in which the system lowers the speed to check for any potentially anomalous parameters and resumes the cable car’s journey within a few seconds and without delays, became a safety stop. The activation of this safety brake was a determining factor in blocking the facility. Although the systems strictly comply with all the regulations and guidelines, the configuration has been modified so this does not occur again in standard operating conditions.

The brake system’s configuration strictly follows the parameters established by cable car regulations. It is inspected and tested on a yearly basis by the manufacturers that service Teide Cable Car, and the cable car’s operation is continuously monitored to detect any anomalies.

All the technical decisions and conclusions will be sent to the corresponding cable car transportation authorities for review.

Once the readjustment tasks are completed and the appropriate operation of the cable car system is certified, it will reopen to the public in the upcoming days.

Teide Cable Car would once again like to thank the evacuated passengers for their understanding; the evacuation team for their hard work and exquisite treatment of the affected individuals; and the people, entities and media outlets for their support.

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