The only 2 things to do in Tenerife to enjoy a luxury Christmas

Finally! The time has come to share the joy of this well-deserved Christmas break after so many months of hard work.

Moreover, you’re on holiday in the paradise of Tenerife, which is known, among other things, for the sunny beaches of the south of the island, a region that also concentrates some of Tenerife’s most prestigious hotels, such as the renowned Ritz-Carlton Abama, one of the best luxury hotels in Guía de Isora.

In the M.B restaurant of this luxury hotel in the south-west of Tenerife you can taste the innovative cuisine offered by 2-Michelin-star chef Erlantz Gorostiza, who has designed a delicious cocktail dinner for the most exclusive and authentic experience in Tenerife, reinventing the best of Canary Islands culinary tradition.

Exclusive and luxury activities Tenerife - Christmas

But Tenerife is so much more than beaches and magnificent luxury hotels. The island is also known throughout the world for the Teide National Park, Europe’s most visited national park, a World Heritage Site since 2007, and the first World Heritage Site to be designated as a “Starlight Destination” only 7 years later, in 2014.

What does all this mean? It means that this Christmas, there are only 2 things you should do in Tenerife to experience a luxury vacation: (1) visit the National Park and (2) marvel at the spectacle of the stars under one of the best skies in the world for astronomical observation.

Now, you only need to choose how you want to enjoy Tenerife’s most exclusive attractions.

During Christmas, enjoy Tenerife’s most exclusive excursion to visit Mount Teide by night

Now, you have the perfect excuse to leave the hotel and spend a luxury night in the best place in Tenerife: on Mount Teide, with its fascinating volcanic landscapes, its spectacular sunset at an altitude of 3,555 m with Teide’s shadow cast towards the island of Gran Canaria, the 800-metre-diameter crater of the Pico Viejo volcano at your feet and some of the neighbouring islands, such as La Gomera, El Hierro and La Palma, on the horizon, as well as an exciting astronomical observation using professional telescopes in the company of astronomical guides who will take you on a journey through the Universe and even through the fascinating Greek mythology.

Not to mention the journey through traditional Canarian savours, redesigned into a dinner menu composed by Erlantz Gorostiza, two-Michelin-starred chef of M.B restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton, Abama, served at the Teide Cable Car base station. It will be the perfect moment to engage in a conversation with other travellers.

What to do during Christmas in Tenerife - exclusive packages


Take a trip to Teide with whomever you choose and whenever you fancy

Very few moments of the year are as familiar as Christmas. It is the perfect time to show your gratefulness to everyone who has supported you so much throughout the year. For this reason, during this Christmas holidays, give yourself a moment just for you and the people you love most, so that you can enjoy Teide National Park and its main attractions together in your own company, either in the morning to kick off the day, or in the afternoon to enjoy the magic of the National Park during the last hours of the day, when there’s nobody else left in the park.

Feel the power of the volcano by day

If you like getting up early to make the most of the day ahead during your holidays, this Christmas, we recommend the VIP Teide Tour, our private excursion with a dedicated guide just for you, to help you discover the National Park’s most iconic places at different stops during your journey.

Private excursion to Teide - Christmas Tenerife

If you love beholding stunning views, we recommend that you choose the option with the cable car included. There is nothing like sharing a Christmas hug at an altitude of 3,555 while taking in astounding views!

But if you prefer galaxies, planets, constellations and telescopes, we recommend that you choose the option with the Teide Observatory to give your Christmas vacation in Tenerife a scientific touch

Immerse yourself in astronomy with telescopes, planets and constellations under one of the best skies in the world 

We strongly recommend this excursion to you if you feel especially fascinated by the Universe and you love luxurious sunsets.

With the VIP Astronomic Tour you will visit the Teide Observatory, which houses solar and nocturnal telescopes owned by more than 60 institutions from 19 countries and is the largest solar observatory in the world, extending over an area of 50 hectares.

You will enjoy a beautiful sunset with breath-taking views.

Finally, you will travel through the Universe (and through Greek mythology too!) with the detailed explanations of a Starlight guide, who will also help you observe some celestial objects using professional telescopes.

Private excursion Teide Observatory, in Tenerife, during Christmas

This Christmas, shake off the adrenaline by reaching the top of Mount Teide

Tenerife offers you a lot of reasons to put on your boots, grab a hiking pole, hoist a backpack onto your shoulders and go out to breathe pure air, surrounded by many different landscapes that leave everybody speechless. 

Did you know that nature reserves cover 48.6% of Tenerife’s surface? 

From the green Anaga Mountains, a Biosphere Reserve, to the volcanic landscapes full of lava flows in the Teide National Park, with is network of over 30 trails.

Perhaps the most frequented trails, boasting spectacular views of different parts of Tenerife and some of the neighbouring islands on the horizon, are the trails surrounding the Teide Cable Car upper station, which is the starting point of three spectacular trails, among which the most popular (not surprisingly) is the trail to the Teide crater. It’s not everyday you get to reach the summit of the third highest volcano in the world, measured from its base on the ocean floor.

If you dream of hiking Teide’s Peak this Christmas to bid farewell to the year or to welcome the new year while doing what you like most and perceiving the immensity of nature from the highest peak in Spain, sign up for one of our hiking excursions with a guide and a permit to access the crater included. 

Hiking Teide Peak during Christmas

You can cover the 1,200 ascent comfortably by cable car and start hiking at an altitude of 3,555 m, ascend on foot via Montaña Blanca, an ancient access route to Teide, to reach the summit on the same day, or you can stay and rest in the Altavista Refuge, the only refuge on Mount Teide, to enjoy two magical moments: the sunset, followed by a celestial spectacle, and the sunrise from Spain’s highest peak.



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