Volcano Teide VIP Sunrise at the Peak

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Watching the sun rise from Mount Teide summit has captivated mountaineers for decades.

We can guarantee that watching the day break and how the sun starts to fill Teide crater with orange rays is something truly unforgettable.

Nor, will you forget the spectacular views of the island of Tenerife at your feet, whilst welcoming a new day at the highest point in Spain.

We have designed the activity VIP Sunrise at the Peak so that you can exclusively live this unbeatable experience and enjoy the astonishing views from the 3,718 m high balcony.

Hike up over Montaña Blanca with your own personal expert guide.

Your exclusive Sunrise at the Peak of Teide experience will begin at 2pm when our shuttle service will collect you (and whoever you decide to accompany you on this unique experience) from your hotel. You will then be whisked off to the start of the Montaña Blanca trail.

Trail number 7 in Teide National Park is the historical route to the top of the volcano. Whilst walking along this trail, you will find yourself in the heart of a landscape filled with colours, a pumice stone mine, unique, gigantic accretion boulders and a range of flora and fauna that varies with the altitude.

Is there something you want to know about the National Park? Something that really catches your attention?

Take note of it and ask your guide that will accompany you exclusively up to the summit of Mount Teide, if he/she doesn’t beat you to it and tells you first. Throughout the experience, your guide will reveal Mount Teide’s secrets and will also offer you some tips.

On this exclusive activity to watch the sunrise from the highest peak in Spain, you will have various stops at the best viewpoints in Europe’s most visited National Park.

Why? – Because both Teide and you deserve it.

Rest up in the Altavista del Teide Mountain Refuge and get up just before sunrise

After a few hours scouring the 8.31 km of Montaña Blanca trail’s emblematic volcanic landscapes, you will arrive at the Altavista Refuge.

The Altavista Refuge is a unique place in the world, situated at an altitude of 3,265 m above sea level, which makes it the highest accommodation in Spain.

Thanks to its unique location, you will have the opportunity to admire the exceptional quality of the night sky and enjoy a sunset and sunrise like never before.

At the Altavista Refuge, you will have the chance to regain your energy and sleep until two and a half hours before sunrise. This is the exciting moment in which you will see the first rays of sun from the volcano peak flooding the landscape with colours, whilst Mount Teide casts its protective shadow over the sea.

Sunrise at Mount Teide summit

You will begin your walk up to Mount Teide summit with your personal guide, and with a sky full of stars.

Please pay attention to the trail, but make the most of the last stretch towards the peak and marvel at the spectacle of stars above you. The Milky Way can surprise you when it is in clear view!

Once you reach the summit, at 3,718 m, you will forget about absolutely everything for a few minutes and focus solely on one of the most famous sunrises in the world: the sunrise at the peak of Teide.

During this unforgettable, spectacular sunrise, weather permitting, the view of the 7 Canary Islands is sure to captivate all of your senses.

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  • Sunrise from the Peak of Teide
  • One night stay in the Altavista Mountain Refuge
  • Ascent on foot via Montaña Blanca
  • Exclusive activity
  • A minimum reservation for 2 people is required

What's included...

  • Transportation
  • An official guide in English, Spanish or Italian for you only
  • One night stay in the Refuge
  • Ascent to the Peak of Teide (3,718 m) to watch the sunrise
  • Ticket for the descent by cable car
  • Toilets

What's not included...

  • Showers in the Refuge
  • Food
  • Guide in other language than English, Spanish or Italian


What's included

  • Transportation
  • An official guide in English, Spanish or Italian for you only
  • One night stay in the Refuge
  • Ascent to the Peak of Teide (3,718 m) to watch the sunrise
  • Ticket for the descent by cable car
  • Toilets

What's not included

  • Showers in the Refuge
  • Food
  • Guide in other language than English, Spanish or Italian

+ Information

We will contact you to arrange a pick-up. For the same reason we need you to provide the name of your hotel or address of accommodation, as well as a mobile phone number at the time of booking.

We want you to enjoy your VIP Sunrise at the Peak to the fullest, which is why we recommend that you:

  • Wear warm, comfortable clothing and proper footwear.
  • Due to the elevated luminosity, wear sunglasses. 
  • Take plenty of water on hikes. 

If you need to buy more water, please bear in mind that our facilities have water vending machines, so you should bring coins to use the machines.

Don’t forget to carry a torch and your camera to immortalise this adventure.

Children under 14, pregnant women and people with heart problems are not allowed to participate in the VIP Sunrise at the Peak due to the risk that high altitude poses to their health.

This activity is not recommended for people with reduced mobility or injuries.

People with health problems should consult with their doctors before undertaking this trip.

Since the Teide Cable Car is located within a protected national park, we urge you to responsibly follow a series of basic rules of civic behaviour and respect for the natural environment. Therefore, we ask you not to litter or take rocks, plants or animals. Please remember that it is also prohibited to make fire, loud noises or to camp.

It is absolutely necessary to bring a copy of your reservation, either printed or displayed on a mobile device.

A minimum reservation for 2 people is required.

In the event that weather conditions impede access to the Refuge on the day of your Sunrise at the Peak VIP excursion, the activity will be cancelled, and we will give you a refund of the amount paid.

Check our Terms and conditions for information on other reasons for cancellation.

The Refuge

The Altavista Mountain Refuge on Teide consists of two buildings that include a first-aid station, a lounge, a dining area and a kitchen.

It has three common sleeping rooms with a total capacity for 54 visitors.

The rooms in the Refuge are heated and the beds are completely made with sheets and warm comforters, which is why it is not necessary to bring your own sleeping bag.

There are bathrooms, but not showers.

You can find vending machines with hot drinks, cold drinks and water in the Altavista Refuge, but you will need to bring coins to be able to use them. You will also have the possibility to heat up food, if you wish.

In 1950, the Tenerife Island Council took charge of the Altavista Refuge, which was originally built in 1892 and was completely renovated in 2007.

The maximum stay in the Altavista Refuge is limited to one night only.

When you arrive at the Refuge, we will provide you with bedding. Between 5pm and 10pm you can heat up food and beverages in the kitchen, if you wish.

The Refuge is open year round. However, it may close if weather conditions are highly adverse.

Restaurant / Café 

The Altavista Refuge offers vending machines with beverages and non-perishable food such as snacks.


There are bathrooms, but not showers in the Altavista Refuge.

Access for visitors with disabilities


In case of discount tickets for children or local residents, a supporting document is required to prove entitlement to discount.

A minimum reservation for 2 people is required.

A picnic

  • Roasted vegetable wrap with cheese cream sauce and basil
  • Bag of nuts
  • Fresh fruit
  • 0,5 l bottle of water.

Are you a vegetarian or your diet has special requirements? Reply to our booking confirmation e-mail and tell us your requests with enough time in advance so that we can adapt the menu to your dietary needs and you can fully enjoy the picnic.

Available only for reservations up until 31st October 2017.

Where to find us

If you are in the northern part of the island

  • Take the TF-21 motorway which connects La Orotava with El Portillo de la Villa and crosses the Teide National Park. The Cable Car is at km 43. (N28º 15' 17" W16º 37' 33")
  • Take the TF-23 motorway from Boca de Tauce to Chío, which connects with TF-21.
  • Titsa bus (guagua), Route 348 Puerto de  La Cruz – Las Cañadas del Teide. Departure times: 9.15am from Puerto de la Cruz, with stops in La Orotava, Montaña Blanca (trail to the Altavista Mountain Refuge) and Teide Cable Car, and return from the Teide Cable Car departing at 4.00pm.


If you are in the southern part of the island

  • Take the TF-21 motorway from Vilaflor to Teide National Park, the route of access for the tourist areas of Playa de Américas and Los Cristianos.
  • Titsa bus (guagua), Route 342 Playa de Las Américas - Las Cañadas del Teide. Departure times: 9.15am from Las Américas, with stops in Los Cristianos (9.30am), Teide Cable Car and Montaña Blanca (ascent on foot to the Altavista Refuge). Return from the Teide Cable Car departing at 3.30pm.


If you are close to Santa Cruz or La Laguna

  • Take the TF-24 motorway from La Laguna to Portillo de la Villa (La Esperanza Motorway), which connects with TF-21 that will take you to the base station of the cable car at km 43.



Mt. Teide is approximately an hour’s drive from any point on the island.

  • Santa Cruz: 64 km
  • La Laguna: 55 km
  • Puerto de la Cruz: 45 km
  • Los Gigantes: 52 km
  • Los Cristianos: 47 km


Frequently asked questions

No. Each person is responsible for carrying their own belongings. For your comfort and well-being, we recommend that you do not carry more weight in the backpack than strictly necessary.

Yes. We will pick you up and drop you off in any location on the island. Just indicate the pick-up spot when booking, or by calling +34 922 010 444 between 8am and 4pm once you have made your reservation.

It is not necessary, you can download it and display it on the screen of any mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.).



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