The summer sky

Summer is the ideal time of year to stargaze. The warmer nights and summer vacation make it easy to spend a few hours contemplating the cosmos. Between the months of June and September we will be able to enjoy a spectacular sky that can’t be missed.

There is a star formation that lets us know that summer has arrived. During the entire season three notable stars can be seen high in the sky forming the vertices of an Isosceles triangle. This is known as the Summer Triangle formed by the stars (Vega (Lyra constellation), Altair (Alquila constellation) and Deneb (Cygnus constellation).

As night falls in July and August, Vega appears high over the horizon with its characteristic blue-tinged white shine. Altair, located much closer to the horizon becomes visible much later, when the sky darkens. Deneb is the brightest star in the Cygnus (swan) constellation, although the figure of the constellation resembles more of a large cross, with Deneb located at the head.

Following the main line of this cross beyond its base points toward Antares, a brilliant red star at the centre of the Scorpius constellation, which that can be observed very well from the Canaries.

On the southern horizon we can make out the misty band of the Milky Way. This is without a doubt one of the greatest celestial spectacles of the summer. When stargazing on moonless nights it’s worth it to follow its intricate paths of light and stars to dazzle your vision on the celestial landscape.

The misty aspect of the Milky Way is due to the clustering of millions of stars that are too weak to be distinguished individually. Without leaving this area of the sky, we will find one of the most emblematic constellations of the summer season: Scorpius. This is probably one of the few constellations that actually looks like the animal it is named for. We can easily make out its body, claws, head and stinger, formed by two stars (Lesath and Shaula), sometimes called “Cat’s Eyes”, since they remind us of a feline gaze at night.

If you have the chance, don’t miss stargazing the spectacular summer sky. Constellations, planets like Saturn and Mars and the largest moon of the year await you.

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