The Company

Teleférico del Pico de Teide, S.A. is a Canary Island company created in 1959 that responded to the challenge of developing a system to access Mount Teide, using cable transport. From the very start it was decided that the company should be based in the Canary Islands so that all Canary Island residents could have a say in its running. And so it was that thousands of islanders took up the challenge enthusiastically by purchasing, in most cases, one share per subscriber or family member. The huge complexity of the project also required the cooperation of the island business network and Tenerife Island Council, which backed the initiative firmly and enthusiastically. More recently it has participated in a very significant proportion of its share capital.

In 2013, we began repositioning Teide Cable Car as manager of leisure activities and recreational facilities on Mount Teide and to this end, the company Volcano Life, S.L., Tourist intermediary No. I-003421.2 was founded, which operates various tours to Mount Teide and activities such as stargazing, hiking, etc.

Volcano Teide Experience is a registered trademark of Teleférico del Pico del Teide, S.A. which was created to promote and enhance a respectful, informative, safe and pleasant way to discover Mount Teide, one of the most important natural areas in the world. The company strives to pursue excellence in the service it provides on a daily basis, by designing new leisure activities, improving the technical components of the facilities, attending its visitors and disseminating the values and scientific aspects of Teide National Park.

We currently have over eighty employees in our workforce, distributed in design and technical management, production, sales, marketing and administration departments.

Every member of Volcano Teide is proud of being an intermediary who helps strengthening the intensity, depth and quality of one of the most unique experiences that tourists and locals enjoy.

At the same time, we have our sights set on being a benchmark in Spain in the management of outdoor leisure activities and to this end, we continuously develop new projects aiming to design and exploit experiences.

Volcano Teide plays a very active role in different areas of social responsibility, working together with other institutions towards the advancement of Canary Island society. It is highly involved in different social and scientific tasks.

Mount Teide, a World Heritage Site, is one of the most unique natural sites in the world. We encourage our visitors to discover it in a safe, responsible, informed and interested manner. That is our responsibility; our goal is to achieve it.

Since being pioneers in the nascent tourism industry in Tenerife and the Canary Islands, and simultaneously as precursors of tourism in Spain, we have always and will always make every effort every day to ensure that your visit to Mount Teide will be an unforgettable experience, taking our know-how forward to implement new initiatives.