Sustainable Teide

Every year, an average of 3.5 million people visit the Teide National Park, drawn by its scenery, or by an interest in science, astronomy or volcanology.

The highest peak in Spain has been a World Heritage Site since 2007, and we all have a duty to ensure its conservation, so that future generations will be able to go on enjoying its wonders just as we do today.

In addition to abiding by all the rules of good behaviour required to protect the environment of this jewel of Nature, we can all contribute to its sustainability in other, small ways.

Any true #teidelover (in other words, any visitor who genuinely loves Mount Teide) knows they are visiting a most precious natural site, and therefore takes care to cause no harm.

Join the #teidelover club!

Avoid the car. Choose collective transportation. It is important that together we do what we can to counteract overuse of the vehicle parking areas in the National Park. As a conservation measure, they have been kept to a small size, and they cannot be extended.

If you have to use your car, we recommend that you arrive at the Park after 1.00 pm. But if you can avoid driving, do so.

A public transport service is available from Puerto de la Cruz and Costa Adeje, and several operators organise private excursions. Volcano Teide Experience offers several small-group tours during the daytime and the evening, so you can enjoy this awe-inspiring place before, during and after sunset. Many of these tours include the 3,555 m ascent by cable car from which you can marvel at the most stunning views of Tenerife.

  • Help to keep the National Park clean. Keep the amount of waste you produce to a minimum, and if you do have any, put it in the waste bins (also provided in the toilets). Never throw rubbish onto the ground, and always make sure that all cigarette ends are fully extinguished.
  • Do not stray from the marked and signposted paths. You will be helping to prevent damage to the environment, and avoiding danger.
  • Enjoy the flora and fauna without disturbing them. Do not tear pieces from the plants, and do not feed the animals. You could be damaging the fragile balance of the area without realising it.
  • Don’t take away stones as souvenirs. They do not belong in a garden or a display rack, but to the Teide National Park. Even the smallest, most ordinary stone is an important piece of this national treasure.
  • Plan your visit in advance, and so avoid any problems. Check the weather forecast, and find out about the current state of services, such as the cable car and which trails are open.
  • If you are visiting during the evening, turn off the lights of your vehicle once you have parked. The darkness is essential to ensure the well-being of the creatures that live here, and it will enable you to discover one of the finest starlit skies in the world.
  • Buy locally-produced craft goods and food. You will get more enjoyment from your holidays, and you will be contributing to the conservation of those forms of life that make the Canary Islands unique in the world.

Follow our advice, and join the #teidelover club!

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