Activities and Excursions using Mount Teide Cable Car

Ascend comfortably to 3,555 m

Enjoy the experience of flying over a geological treasure by using Tenerife’s Mount Teide cable car, where volcanoes, craters and lava flows form an impressive array of colours and shapes which are unique in the world.

Enjoy Tenerife: Mount Teide cable car during the day

Purchase your Mount Teide cable car tickets and use your Online Ticket. Avoid queues and waiting times on our premises; get direct access to the cabin.

You should know that Mount Teide cable car’s car park offers 220 parking spaces and that, depending on the time of day, it may be tricky to park your car. Therefore, we recommend that you forget about your car altogether and come visit Mount Teide on our Tenerife day excursions for small groups which include Mount Teide cable car tickets.

Activities and excursions that include Mount Teide cable car tickets and take you to the summit

Mount Teide cable car’s upper station boasts 3 hiking trails with spectacular views. With your Mount Teide cable car tickets you can walk two of those trails freely. However, if you wish to hike up Mt Teide following the trail that leads to the summit, you will need to apply for the permit issued by the Teide National Park's authorities.

If you wish to further explore this topic before making a decision, our “Complete guide on how to get up Mount Teide peak” will clear all your doubts.

Our hiking activities to go up to the peak with Mount Teide cable car include the permit to access the crater and allow you to reach the summit in the comfort of the cable car, travelling by Tenerife Mount Teide cable car to an altitude of 3,555 m to later walk the trail that leads you to the highest peak in Spain, at 3,718 m, accompanied by a Teide National Park guide. These activities are available with or without transportation. They are offered for small groups, but you can also do them privately.

Night-time activities and excursions including tickets for Tenerife Mount Teide cable car at sunset

If you like enjoying moments of peace and tranquillity surrounded by beautiful views, we suggest that you go up by Tenerife’s Mount Teide cable car outside the usual hours of operation to behold Teide’s shadow and the sunset at 3,555 m from the Pico Viejo viewpoint with the Cable car at sunset activity.

And since—along with Chile and Hawaii—the sky over Mt Teide is one of the best for stargazing, we recommend that you complete your experience of watching the sunset from Spain's highest peak with an astronomical observation. The only thing you need to do to make it a reality is to choose the Sunset & Stars tour!

El Teide cable car opening times and prices

Would you like to know the price of Mount Teide cable car tickets or consult the opening times? You can check the El Teide cable car opening times and the Teide cable car price here.

If you choose a different activity—other than Tenerife Mount Teide cable car tickets—you will find the price and schedule specified on each activity’s website.