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The shadow of Teide

The Teide is one of the best places to observe the formation and evolution of the shadow of a mountain thanks to its height and due to the fact that the views from its summit extend to all horizons.

In fact, the projection of the shadow of Teide in the atmosphere of the Earth is one of the greatest shows that the volcano has to offer, both at dawn and at dusk.

The shadow of Teide in Tenerife

The shadow of Teide and the full moon

The sight of the shadow of Teide will surprise you even more if the sunset coincides with the full moon because then, at some special times of the year, the shadow of Teide is almost perfectly aligned with the Moon.

In collaboration with, from the upper station of the Teide Cable Car we offer live broadcasts of various phenomena related to the shadow of Teide.

In August 2014, we produced a live broadcast of the unique phenomenon of the shadow of Teide along the Supermoon, and more recently, in September 2015, we presented a live broadcast of the Total Eclipse of the Moon.

The best sunset watching and stargazing experiences on Teide

Enjoy the show of the shadow of Teide

Did you know that the shadow of Teide is the largest shadow in the world projected onto the sea?

And do you know why the shape of the shadow of Teide is pyramidal even though the Teide is not a regular cone?

While at the beginning of the projection, the shadow of Teide resembles the silhouette of the peak of the volcano, as time passes, the length of the shadow of Teide extends, because the height of the Sun decreases. Thus, the shadow of Teide projected in the atmosphere takes up a triangular shape, irrespective of the shape of its summit.

If you are in Tenerife, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the show of the shadow of Teide projected on the horizon over the sea and covering some of the neighbouring islands of the Canary archipelago with darkness, thanks to our activities to stargaze on Mount Teide.

The shadow of Teide at dusk is the prelude to a night full of surprises at the highest peak of Spain on an experience to enjoy the most exclusive sunset in Tenerife: Sunset and Stars on Teide.

Sunset watching and stargazing in Tenerife