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Make your dream a reality and enjoy the Universe in a professional way in one of the best places in the world to do so: on Mount Teide.

Certified astronomical guides will wait for you to unravel the mysteries of the Universe for you using professional telescopes, which will allow you to see up close and for your own eyes those fascinating celestial objects that you have longed to see for many years, under the pure and clear sky of the Teide National Park, where it is possible to observe 83 of the 88 officially recognised constellations and where, in the summertime, you can enjoy perfect visibility of the Milky Way.

A fascinating astronomical observation on Teide to enjoy the most starry side of Tenerife

Have you always wondered what star or celestial object is that shiny point, either big or small, that you can see in the sky?

Our Starlight guides will clear all your doubts as they will be there to unravel the mysteries of the Universe for you.

Do you find it fascinating that ancient civilisations oriented themselves using the stars? Have you always wanted to be able to do it as well?

Our guides will show you how to guide yourself thanks to the sky. Furthermore, if Greek mythology and constellations have always been your passions, during the astronomical observation on Teide you will enjoy discerning the elements of Hellenic mythology, which are hidden behind the constellations and the relationship between them.

Use our state-of-the-art telescopes to discover planets, galaxies or clusters as you have always dreamt of doing, and stargaze in one of the three best places on Earth to do it.

Not only will you be able to use these machines to take a tour through the night’s most interesting celestial objects but also our monitors will provide you with relevant information about the objects that you will see through the lens.

Get closer to the stars with professional telescopes

Our astronomical observation on Teide, which includes professional telescopes, is held in the car park next to the Cable Car base station.

We are sure that the astronomical instrumentation that you will have at your disposal, along with the quality and transparency of the sky over the Teide National Park in Tenerife, away from the light pollution produced by big cities, will give you a unique experience, which will feel as if you’re close to the stars.

Enjoy your astronomical observation also on full moon nights

It’s inevitable. The moon passes through different phases during its 29-day cycle, that is to say, lunation.

This is why, at least once a month, the potent glow of the Earth’s natural satellite will dim the faint light of the distant celestial bodies.

If you book our astronomical observation on Teide and enjoy it on the night of the full moon, you will take advantage of its radiant appearance and be delighted with its splendour: craters, mountain ranges and other lunar wonders.

You may ask, which ones? You can find the Montes Teneriffe, Mons Pico and the crater Piazzi Smyth on the moon.

If this is news to you, and you’re wondering why they have these names, write this question down so that you can ask our guides on the night of your astronomical observation on Mount Teide.

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  • Discover the Universe like never before using professional equipment
  • Let certified astronomical guides unravel the sky’s mysteries for you
  • Enjoy a unique experience among volcanoes and stars

What's included...

  • Professional observations of the Universe
  • Long range telescopes
  • Spanish, English or German-speaking Starlight guide

What's not included...

  • Transportation
  • Starlight guide in other language than Spanish, English or German


What's included

  • Professional observations of the Universe
  • Long range telescopes
  • A German-speaking Starlight guide

What's not included

  • Transportation
  • Starlight guide in other language than German

What's included

  • Professional observations of the Universe
  • Long range telescopes
  • An English-speaking Starlight guide

What's not included

  • Transportation
  • Starlight guide in other language than English

What's included

  • Professional observations of the Universe
  • Long range telescopes
  • A Spanish-speaking Starlight guide

What's not included

  • Transportation
  • Starlight guide in other language than Spanish

+ Information

The start time of the astronomical observation on Teide activity varies depending on the time of year, since it is adjusted to the sunset time. It is necessary to arrive 20 minutes before the indicated meeting time.

Meeting time for the activity:


8.15pm from 1st to 12th

8.30pm from 13th to 31st


8.45pm from 1st to 19th

9.00pm from 20th to 28th

MARCH 2018

9.00pm from 1st to 16th

9.15pm from 17th to 24th

10.15pm from 25th to 31st

APRIL 2018

10.15pm from 1st to 12th

10.30pm from 13th to 30th

MAY 2018

10.30pm from 1st to 8th

10.45pm from 9th to 31st

JUNE 2018

10.15pm from 1st to 5th

10.30pm from 6th to 30th

JULY 2018

10.30pm from 1st to 25th

10.15pm from 26th to 31st


10.15pm from 1st to 14th

10.00pm from 15th to 29th

9.45pm from 30th to 31st


9.45pm from 1st to 11th

9.30pm from 12th to 24th

9.15pm from 25th to 30th


9.15pm from 1st to 7th

9.00pm from 8th to 21st

8.45pm from 22nd to 27th

7.45pm from 28th to 31st


7.45pm from 1st to 11th

7.30pm from 12th to 30th


7.30pm from 1st to 21st

7.45pm from 22nd to 31st

To make the most of your astronomical observation on Teide, please follow our recommendations:

  • Wear warm, comfortable clothing and proper footwear.
  • If you have health problems, consult with your doctor before undertaking this activity.
  • Take plenty of water on hikes.
  • Due to the elevated luminosity, wear sunglasses.  

Children under 8 are not allowed to participate in the astronomical observation activity.

All our guides are astronomical guides certified by the StarLight Foundation.


If the weather conditions prevent or hinder proper visibility of the stars on the day of your astronomical observation on Teide, the activity will be cancelled, and we will give you a refund of the amount paid.

Check our Terms and conditions for information on other reasons for cancellation.

In case of discount tickets for children or local residents, a supporting document is required to prove entitlement to discount.

  • Water or soft drink
  • Sandwich (tuna, chicken or jam & cheese)
  • Chocolate bar

Where to find us

Meeting point

Teide Cable Car base station, at km 43 of the TF-21 motorway.

Click on the following link to Google Street View to see the exact spot.

Coordinates: 28.254448, - 16.625747

Street: TF-I motorway, km 40.2 - Teide National Park

Postal code:  38300                Municipality: La Orotava

Teide Cable Car is well connected by roads, and can be easily reached from any point of the island of Tenerife.


If you are in the northern part of the island

  • Take the TF-21 motorway which connects La Orotava with El Portillo de la Villa and crosses the Teide National Park. The Cable Car is at km 43. (N28º 15' 17" W16º 37' 33")
  • Take the TF-23 motorway from Boca de Tauce to Chío, which connects with TF-21.


If you are in the southern part of the island:

  • Take the TF-21 motorway from Vilaflor to Teide National Park, the route of access for the tourist areas of Playa de Américas and Los Cristianos.


If you are close to Santa Cruz or La Laguna

  • Take the TF-24 motorway from La Laguna to Portillo de la Villa (La Esperanza Motorway), which connects with TF-21 that will take you to the base station of the cable car at km 43.



Mt. Teide is approximately an hour’s drive from any point on the island.

  • Santa Cruz: 64 km
  • La Laguna: 55 km
  • Puerto de la Cruz: 45 km
  • Los Gigantes: 52 km
  • Los Cristianos: 47 km



Frequently asked questions

No. It will be conducted outdoors with portable telescopes and the Starlight guides.

Approximately 50 minutes.

In the activity in German the following telescopes are used: A Vixen VISAC Catadioptric, 200mm F1800 on a GPD2 with Synscan. A Vixen Neo Acro Refractor, 140mm F800 on a GPD2. A Vixen VMC Catadioptric, 260mm, F3000 on a NEQ6 Pro. Each one of these will point at a different celestial body.

No, pets are not allowed.

Since our astronomical observation finishes late and the Refuge closes at 10pm, it won’t be possible for you to spend a night in the highest refuge in Spain on the same day on which you enjoy this activity, because you won’t have enough time to reach the refuge before it closes.

If you wish to stay at the Parador hotel, there should be no problem. However, you will have to make a reservation at the hotel yourself.

No, it’s not necessary. You can download it and display it on the screen of any mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.).


Our customers' reviews

An unforgettable experience with great professionals

We have been in great company, our guide Cristian told us about the history of the island while our driver, Sebastian, took us to the most wonderful places. They are both great professionals and we are very grateful for all the knowledge and treatment we have received. Congratulations!
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Teide Tour and Cable car ride
Verónica Doval Garabatos

We purchased our tickets in advance online and we had no problems whatsoever on the day.

We purchased our tickets in advance online and we had no problems whatsoever on the day. There was a great number of people that were left without tickets at the ticket office…
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Mount Teide Cable Car
José Ramón de los Ríos Martínez

Amazing way to end a day from the top of a volcano

Seeing the sunset in a place near to the Teide's peak is one of the most amazing experiences you can live here. We had good luck because the visibility was incredible, so we saw more islands from the top, like La Gomera, La Palma and El Hierro. Im from Tenerife, this was the second time I booked for this experience. And I would do it again, and again. 100% recommended.
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Sunset Tour
Ana Acosta Álvarez


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