Tenerife stargazing excursions

One of the three best skies in the world

Along with Chile and Hawaii, Canary Islands are one of the best stargazing spots in the world. On Mount Teide you can carry out astronomical observations both by day and by night.

Looking for the best location for stargazing? Tenerife has just the place: Mount Teide.

Let your inner astronomer enjoy astrophysics, astronomy, the sunset and stars like never before during one of our suggested Tenerife astronomy tours in the magical Teide National Park, whose pure and clear sky allows you to see 83 out of the 88 officially recognised constellations.

Our Tenerife stargazing excursions include everything you need

We do not leave anything to chance and you avoid last minute surprises.

We include everything in our Tenerife stargazing excursions:

  • Round trip transportation from your hotel (if you hire our transport service)
  • Official guides and Starlight guides
  • Tickets for the cable car outside its usual hours of operation or a guided tour of the Teide Observatory
  • Astronomical observation using long-range telescopes: the best Mount Teide stargazing in Tenerife

All our Tenerife astronomy tours have one thing in common: a Mount Teide stargazing trip where you can enjoy the best stargazing Tenerife can offer from the Teide cable car base station, joined by our Starlight guides and using long-range telescopes.

Read more to find out about our different excursions.

Tenerife stargazing excursions by cable car

Our Tenerife stargazing excursions are the perfect opportunity to enjoy the Teide National Park with fewer visitors and marvel at the spectacle of the stars in one of the best skies in the world.

  • You will go up Mount Teide by cable car outside the usual hours of operation with a group that never exceeds 90 people to behold Teide's shadow at an altitude of 3,555 m as well as the sunset from the trail to the Pico Viejo viewpoint, with the islands of La Gomera, El Hierro and La Palma on the horizon and the multicoloured Pico Viejo crater, which is 800 in diameter, at your feet.
  • An official guide will join you and enhance your experience by telling you everything there is to know about Mount Teide
  • You’ll enjoy Mount Teide stargazing in the company of our Starlight guides and use long-range telescopes that will bring the stars so close you will see them like never before.

Join our Sunset & Stars tour for stargazing; Tenerife seen at a truly special time of day. Book this excursion for Mount Teide stargazing with transport and, if you finally decide you don’t want to stargaze on Mount Teide with us, don’t worry. You can still experience the magic of a sunset at 3,555 m by booking our Cable Car at Sunset excursion.

Teide stargazing with Observatory visit

As we have already mentioned, along with Chile and Hawaii, the Canary Islands are one of the best spots on Earth to observe the sky, which is why the largest solar observatory in the world is located here, at an altitude of 2,390 m.

The Teide Observatory began to operate in 1964 and focuses on solar observations and robotic astronomy. We want to show it to you from the inside on the Astronomic Tour, our excursion including an afternoon Teide Observatory visit, during which you will learn about the scientific activity of the researchers who work at this important centre, observe the Sun and watch solar “flares” or prominences using small solar telescopes. During the Teide Observatory tour you will also have the opportunity to enter one of its huge nocturnal telescopes before we take you back to the base station to round off your Tenerife stargazing excursion with a stargazing activity.

Just stargazing: Tenerife visited the way you want

Don’t need hotel transport, a sunset cable car ride or feel like visiting the largest solar observatory in the world? Or perhaps you want to combine a hike with stargazing on Mount Teide? No problem! Below you’ll find all the available options for stargazing in Tenerife with no add-ons.

Mount Teide stargazing trip

If all you want from your holidays is an outstanding Tenerife astronomy trip without riding the cable car or visiting the Observatory, our Astronomical Observation on Teide excursion is just what you’re looking for.

We’ll meet you in the car park of the cable car base station where you will enjoy amazing stargazing; Tenerife offers a world-famous experience so join our Starlight guides and use long-range telescopes on the best Tenerife stargazing tour.

Mount Teide stargazing tour by night

Visiting Teide at night to observe the stars is a fantastic experience and we provide you with the possibility of doing it on an excursion that includes transportation and that has been specially designed to enjoy the most magical hours in the National Park. 

Watch the sunset from a viewpoint in the National Park, which we will choose for the occasion, and welcome the night and stargazing in Tenerife while learning the secrets of the sky alongside our Starlight guides. You will be able to observe the constellations and stars as you have never seen them before thanks to the long-range telescopes that we put at your disposal.

Daytime visits to Teide Observatory

Teide National Park is famous for having the highest mountain in Spain, which is easily accessed by cable car, but as you now know, the park also has the largest solar observatory in the world: Teide Observatory.

You’ve read about excursions to the Observatory in combination with Mount Teide stargazing, but what if you just want to visit the Observatory without stargazing? Tenerife has something for everyone. The Observatory can be visited during the daytime, independently. Just don’t forget that the Observatory isn’t accessible at night, only in the mornings or afternoons.

Our activities for visiting the Observatory

Your wish is our command and if you don’t want to go stargazing but love to observe the skies, you can visit the largest solar observatory in the world during the daytime. This is what we can offer:

  • Guided visit of the Observatory without transport. Arrive on your own to enjoy a daytime visit to the largest solar observatory in the world without a Tenerife astronomy trip.