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Mount Teide Cable Car - Discover Tenerife Volcano

On Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands, is Teide National Park. Here, you will find Mount Teide Cable Car, which offers you the best excursion to Spain’s highest volcano. Live the experience of flying over a geological treasure where volcanoes, craters and lava flows form an impressive array of colours and shapes that are unique in the world.

Cabin at the base stationTeide Cable Car Base Station

The Mount Teide Cable Car’s lower station is easy to reach by road and stands at 2,356 m above sea level. These modern facilities are equipped with two cabins that can hold a maximum of 44 passengers and travel to the top in under 8 minutes. The lower station offers spectacular views of the peaks surrounding Mt Teide.

Teide Cable Car Base StationThe lower station has a free parking area for up to 220 vehicles. The car park is open from 8am to 6pm.

The Base Station of the Teide Cable Car offers visitors a relaxation area, café and buffet restaurant with impressive views over Teide National Park as well as a souvenir shop and public toilets. It is the perfect place to find out about the different routes and trails you can do from the Mount Teide Cable Car’s Upper Station.

We recommend you plan your visit for early morning, from 9am on, for spectacular views and no delays, making your stay more pleasurable.

Teide Cable Car Upper StationTeide Cable Car Upper Station

Mount Teide Cable Car’s upper station has a small foyer that leads directly outside. It is equipped with Wi-Fi, toilets and Spain's highest public telephone. There is no coffee shop, and you are recommended to come prepared for changes in temperature. Located at 3,555 m altitude, the upper station is the starting point for three marvellous routes:

  • Route No. 10 (Telesforo Bravo) to the Crater of Mt Teide, which takes you to Spain’s highest peak, from where you can enjoy one of the world’s most magnificent landscapes. On clear days, you can glimpse the nearby islands of La Gomera, El Hierro, La Palma and Gran Canaria. For environmental reasons, access to the peak is controlled, requiring a permit issued by the national park offices. You can apply online free of charge at
  • Route No. 11, La Fortaleza Vantage Point, an incredible spot from where you can take in the spectacular view of the north side of Tenerife, including Valle de La Orotava in the centre and the long ridge of Monte La Esperanza that melds with the rugged Anaga Massif.
  • Route No. 12, Pico Viejo Vantage Point, an awe-inspiring viewpoint overlooking south Tenerife and a perfect place from where to admire the great caldera of Las Cañadas del Teide, its enclosure of sheer walls of rock and the aftermath of the last volcanic eruptions. You can also survey the multi-coloured crater of Pico Viejo, the rocky outcrops of Roques de García and Mt Guajara.