The experience

"One of the most sublime achievements of nature where all her vast resources come together to produce a grandiose and supreme effect is sunrise seen from the peak of Mt Teide. If there is a person who has never experienced a profound trembling of the soul, then that person must seek ectasis on the summit of Mt Teide".

Olivia M. Stone 1887

A visit to the summit of Mt Teide by cable car offers a great view of the spectacular landscape of the Canary Islands' largest national park. Its special climate, altitude and volcanic formations are an invitation to contemplation and enjoyment of a special moment you will remember all your life.

Visiting Teide volcano is always different: the effects of the light as the day wears on, the seasons and their changing weather patterns make for a new and surprising landscape. Yet two sensations remain unchanged: the immensity of the landscape and the stunning silence.

Teide is at its most emblematic at sunrise and sunset. The spectacularity of these moments is orchestrated by the changing tones of the sky and the light reflecting off the rocks. This is why we recommend you visit early in the morning, from 9 am on, when the views are at their most impressive.

Spring is the best time to visit Teide. Flowering broom and tajinaste blanket the vast landscape in an explosion of red and white. The weather is milder, just right for enjoying routes and trails. It is the perfect time for botany enthusiasts.

Winter snows cover the lava flows and badlands in a mantle of white. Large pools reflect a landscape of contrasts of extraordinary beauty.

Many visitors are fortunate to catch a glimpse of the first snowfall.

When evening comes, the impressive shadow of the volcano descends upon everything, projecting over the sea. Night-time is one of the national park's greatest attractions when the sky fills with stars. One of the five most important astrophysics observatories in the world is located here: the Observatorio del Teide.

For the Guanches, the primitive settlers of Tenerife, Mt Teide was a sacred volcano, comparable to Mt Fuji, Mt Olympus and Mt Kilimanjaro.