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Teide Cable Car for your private use at sunset

Imagine climbing the skies, 3,555m high, in an exclusive cable car, which isn’t accessible by the general public.

Imagine experiencing the impressive Cable Car at Sunset activity, where you can fly above craters and lava flows as the sun sets at the highest part of Spain.

Furthermore, Cable Car at Sunset will make you feel really special and privileged.

Because the Teide Cable Car will operate exclusively for your private group.

Your friends will be amazed by the photographs of Mount Teide and its views at this time of day, which you won’t stop sharing on your social networks!

Tenerife sunset in the shadow of the volcano with the Teide Cable Car

Feel special and privileged at the highest point in Spain while riding the Teide Cable Car at sunset.

Did you know that Tenerife’s Teide volcano is one of the best spots in the world to observe how the shadow of a mountain forms and evolves?

This is due to its height and the fact that the views from its summit extend to all horizons.

Long after the end of the Cable Car at Sunset activity you will still remember the spectacle of Teide’s shadow cast towards the island of Gran Canaria. It’s one of the most beautiful and spectacular moments that the volcano offers its visitors!

An unforgettable sunset at Pico Viejo in Tenerife with the Teide Cable Car

The Cable Car at Sunset activity includes a guided tour along the spectacular trail to the Pico Viejo viewpoint.

This trail is a wonder in itself!

Because from the Pico Viejo trail, you will have the opportunity to see, in the distance, part of the lava poured during the eruptive process that took place on Mount Teide in 1798 and lasted three months!

The eruption of 1798 formed the “Teide’s Nostrils” or “Las Narices del Teide”, the craters which spewed out lava during that historical eruption and which are located on the western slopes of Pico Viejo.

On the Cable Car at Sunset tour, with the assistance of our guides, you will discover all of the volcanic wonders that surround this impressive trail to the Pico Viejo viewpoint. The trail and the surrounding scenery acquire a truly remarkable array of colours at sunset, which are unforgettable to visitors.

The spectacular sunset that you will enjoy at the end of the trail to the Pico Viejo viewpoint is the jewel in the crown of the Cable Car at Sunset activity.

If the weather permits, you will experience a unique view over the neighbouring islands of La Gomera, El Hierro and La Palma on the horizon, with the impressive Pico Viejo crater at your feet, which is 800 m in diameter and at one time, hosted an impressive lava lake.

Complete your Cable Car at Sunset activity with a guided tour of Teide National Park

If you have no doubts that the best moment to enjoy Teide National Park is when there’s nobody else left in the park;

If you wish to enjoy the volcanic landscapes you already know, but in a different light, at twilight, which will make Europe’s most visited National Park surprise you again;

If you’re curious about the secrets that the Teide National Park’s volcanic formations hold, and about the history of the formation of the Canary Islands...

Sign up for our 5,5-hour Sunset Tour  including both transportation and the service of a guide, during which we will let you enjoy the National Park in the late afternoon and an incredibly beautiful sunset.

Complete your Cable Car at Sunset activity with dinner and astronomical observation on Mount Teide

If you already know that you won’t want the evening to end after living this volcanic experience;

If you like tasting local cuisine of the places you visit and you have a gourmet palate, our suggestion to extend your Cable Car at Sunset activity includes a dinner menu designed by Erlantz Gorostiza, a renowned chef awarded 2 Michelin stars.

If the stars, constellations, planets and the entire Universe fascinate you, with our proposal, you will conduct observations of the night sky using long range telescopes and enjoy the explanations, provided by our Starlight guides, of the starry sky over Mount Teide, from where it is possible to see 83 of the 88 existing constellations.

There is a Sunset and stars on Teide waiting for you.

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  • Ascend by Cable Car to an altitude of 3,555 m outside the usual hours of operation
  • Prepare to be astounded by the show of Teide’s shadow cast onto the sea
  • Marvel at the magnificent sunset from the Pico Viejo viewpoint while spotting the islands of La Gomera, La Palma and El Hierro on the horizon
  • Complete the Cable Car at Sunset activity with dinner and stargazing by booking  Sunset and Stars on Teide without pick-up

What's included...

  • Teide Cable Car return ticket (maximum 90 people, divided into different language groups)

What's not included...

  • Picnic (which you can add to your shopping cart as an optional product)
  • Transportation
  • Astronomical observation


What's included

  • Teide Cable Car return ticket (maximum 90 people, divided into different language groups)

What's not included

  • Picnic (which you can add to your shopping cart as an optional product)
  • Transportation
  • Astronomical observation

+ Information

The start time of the Cable Car at Sunset activity depends on the time at which the sun sets, which varies throughout the year.

Therefore, the meeting point is at the Teide Cable Car base station at the following hours:


5.15pm from 1st to 12th

5.30pm from 13th to 31st


5.45pm from 1st to 19th

6.00pm from 20th to 28th

MARCH 2018

6.00pm from 1st to 16th

6.15pm from 17th to 24th

7.15pm from 25th to 31st

APRIL 2018

7.15pm only on 1st

7.30pm from 16th to 30th

MAY 2018

7.30pm from 1st to 12th

7.30pm from 21st to 31st

JUNE 2018

7.45pm from 1st to 5th

8.00pm from 6th to 30th

JULY 2018

8.00pm from 1st to 25th

7.45pm from 26th to 31st


7.45pm from 1st to 14th

7.30pm from 15th to 29th

7.15pm from 30th to 31st


7.15pm from 1st to 11th

7.00pm from 12th to 24th

6.45pm from 25th to 30th


6.45pm from 1st to 7th

6.30pm from 8th to 21st

6.15pm from 22nd to 27th

5.15pm from 28th to 31st


5.15pm from 1st to 11th

5.00pm from 12th to 30th


5.00pm from 1st to 21st

5.15pm from 22nd to 31st

In order to enjoy the Cable Car at Sunset activity, remember that you must be prepared for extremely cold conditions, regardless of the time of year, as even in summer, during the sunset on Mount Teide, the temperatures are low at this altitude.

This is why we recommend that you:

  • Wear warm clothing and proper footwear. 
  • Due to the elevated luminosity, wear sunglasses. 
  • Take plenty of water on hikes.

Since the Cable Car at Sunset activity includes a Teide Cable Car ride, people with heart problems and pregnant women are not allowed to participate in it due to the risk that high altitude poses to their health. If you have any health problems, we recommend that you consult with your doctor before planning your visit.

Children under 8 are not allowed to participate in this activity to watch the sunset from Mount Teide with the Cable Car.

The facilities at Teide Cable Car are not adapted to those with physical disabilities.

Cable Car at Sunset includes a 40-minute walk both ways of medium-low difficulty, therefore you must be in good physical shape.


In the event that weather conditions impede the operation of the Cable Car at Sunset, but it is possible to organise a guided tour of the Observatory, we shall only reimburse €6.00, corresponding to the price difference between the Cable Car ticket and the guided visit of the Observatory. Otherwise, we shall only offer you the toast at sunset, and we will give you a full refund of the Cable Car ticket.

In the event that, once you have booked Cable Car at Sunset, you wish to cancel the entire activity (Cable Car + Sunset in the company of a guide + glass of sparkling wine), we will give you a full refund of the amount paid for the activity.

Check our Terms and conditions for information on other reasons for cancellation.


The Teide Cable Car base station has a free car park with 220 parking spaces.


The Teide Cable Car base station’s facilities include an information centre and a shop.


There are public toilets at the Teide Cable Car’s base station.

In case of discount tickets for children or local residents, a supporting document is required to prove entitlement to discount.

  • Water or soft drink
  • Sandwich (tuna, chicken or jam & cheese)
  • Chocolate bar

Where to find us

Street: TF-I motorway, km 40.2 - Teide National Park

Postal code:  38300                Municipality: La Orotava

Teide Cable Car is well connected by roads, and can be easily reached from any point of the island of Tenerife.


If you are in the northern part of the island

  • Take the TF-21 motorway which connects La Orotava with El Portillo de la Villa and crosses the Teide National Park. The Cable Car is at km 43. (N28º 15' 17" W16º 37' 33")
  • Take the TF-23 motorway from Boca de Tauce to Chío, which connects with TF-21.


If you are in the southern part of the island:

  • Take the TF-21 motorway from Vilaflor to Teide National Park, the route of access for the tourist areas of Playa de Américas and Los Cristianos.


If you are close to Santa Cruz or La Laguna

  • Take the TF-24 motorway from La Laguna to Portillo de la Villa (La Esperanza Motorway), which connects with TF-21 that will take you to the base station of the cable car at km 43.



Mt. Teide is approximately an hour’s drive from any point on the island.

  • Santa Cruz: 64 km
  • La Laguna: 55 km
  • Puerto de la Cruz: 45 km
  • Los Gigantes: 52 km
  • Los Cristianos: 47 km


Frequently asked questions

Yes. By signing up for our activity to behold the sunset on Mount Teide with Cable Car, you can use our free parking service during the activity.

Since our activity to watch the sunset from Mount Teide with Cable Car finishes at a time that does not allow you to reach the Altavista Refuge before it closes at 10.00pm, it is not possible to combine our activities at sunset or our stargazing activities with a stay in the Altavista Refuge on the day of the activity.

However, you can stay at the Parador de Las Cañadas del Teide hotel on the day of the activity, although you will need to make a reservation at the Parador hotel yourself.

This depends on the availability of spaces. That is why we recommend that you book your Cable Car at Sunset at least one day in advance.

You cannot use the Cable Car whilst pregnant, as the ascent involves a sudden change in pressure and level of oxygen.



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