Corporate Social Responsibility

Teleférico del Teide takes a very active approach to the different areas of social responsibility.

At an internal level:

  • We attach particular importance to rules on safety and the prevention of workplace hazards. Our training, protocols and safety measures for our staff go above and beyond the standard legal requirements.
  • In our company there is no gender pay gap; this is confirmed by the remuneration audit undertaken in 2023. Similarly, through our equality plan, we are implementing measures to improve equality of opportunity in all areas, and to encourage the exercise of the right to a work-life balance, as well as raising awareness and delivering training in equality of treatment and opportunities, gender violence, diversity, and the prevention of harassment.

At an external level, the company works with other institutions in pursuit of the advancement of Canary Island society, carrying out different social and scientific ventures in the following areas:

  • It is Founding Patron of Tenerife Rural Foundation, which has the aim of promoting a policy to enhance the value of the rural environment of Tenerife, building it up as a model for sustainable development, combining environmental conservation, empowerment of the rural environment and harmonious growth of major industries such as tourism.
  • It is committed to the advancement of environmental research, providing technical support and ongoing collaboration with numerous lines of research on volcanism, environmental quality and climate change at various scientific institutions, such as the Tenerife Institute for Renewable Energies (ITER), the State Meteorology Agency (AEMET) and the Canary Island Institute of Astronomy (IAC). Furthermore, Teide Cable Car has a scientific network of meteorological and environmental sensors. The network is among the most advanced in the world at this height above sea level, and the data it collects are available to the international scientific community.
  • It supports renewable energies, investing a significant portion of its profits in renewable energy, in token of its commitment for furthering sustainability on the island of Tenerife.