Teide Observatory Tours and Excursions

Guided Teide Observatory Tours

Along with Chile and Hawaii, the Canary Islands are one of the three best spots on Earth to observe the sky, which is why the Teide Observatory can be found here, in Tenerife.

Located at an altitude of 2,390 m, the Teide Observatory has drawn in the best European solar telescopes and it can boast of being the largest solar observatory in the world.

Managed by the Canary Islands Institute of Astrophysics, the Teide Observatory began to operate in 1964 and focuses on solar observations and robotic astronomy.

Guided Teide Observatory tours

The Teide Observatory is the largest solar observatory in the world and at Volcano Teide we are proud to offer a range of guided Teide Observatory tours and activities which are suitable for all types of visitors: from astronomy lovers, couples and families to Spanish schools that want to discover the secrets of this scientific institution which contributes to the field of science with an average of one scientific publication per day.

Our Teide Observatory excursions are the most scientific guided Teide Observatory tours, during which you will learn all about astronomy. Visit the inside of a professional telescope and observe the Sun through portable solar telescopes on a Teide Observatory tour.

You can visit the Teide Observatory either independently, arriving by car, or on one of our guided Teide Observatory tours for small groups—which help you avoid the overcrowding found on the routine excursions—such as the Teide Tour, our excursion which includes a Teide Observatory tour during the day, or the Astronomic Tour, the 2-in-1 Mount Teide Observatory tour for astronomy enthusiasts, which in addition to an afternoon Teide Observatory tour also includes a stargazing session using long-range telescopes at the Teide cable car base station, at an altitude of 2,356 m.