Tenerife excursions

Tenerife tours

Are you looking for Tenerife excursions? The island of eternal spring is truly a spectacle of nature due to its diversity and abundance of landscapes. Its colonial-style towns, starry skies and black sand beaches share the limelight with its No. 1 attraction: Mount Teide, which you can visit on an unforgettable Tenerife volcano tour.

Tenerife excursions with Mount Teide Cable Car

If there is one thing you cannot miss out on in Tenerife, it is going up Mount Teide by cable car—several Tenerife tours offer you this essential experience on the island.

Mount Teide Tour with cable car tickets

Puerto de la Cruz excursions, Los Gigantes excursions and Costa Adeje excursions take you to this star attraction in Tenerife. Day trips allow you to visit Teide National Park in a sustainable way, in the company of an official guide. You can round off this experience with a cable car ride.

VIP Teide Tour

These private trips in Tenerife are perfect for visiting the Teide National Park with your own guide. Complete your Tenerife volcano tour with a cable car ticket or a visit of the Teide Observatory.

Hiking in Tenerife

The island’s terrain is marked by its volcanic past and present. Its flora, fauna and climate mean that one of Tenerife’s greatest attractions are its hiking trails, the most stunning of which surround the cable car upper station.

Ascent to the Peak of Teide with cable car ticket

If you like hiking, this is one of the Tenerife tours that allow you to comfortably reach the summit of Mount Teide. It includes a cable car ticket, a permit from the National Park to access the crater and the company of an official guide. With departure from the main points in southern and northern Tenerife. Excursions can also be done privately.

VIP ascent to the Peak on foot

One of the most enjoyable private Tenerife excursions, as on this Tenerife volcano tour you will walk through a singular natural landscape, observe how the environment changes along the route, and ascend the entire trail from Montaña Blanca to the peak of Mount Teide on foot, with an official guide who will reveal all the secrets that the volcano holds.

Stargazing in Tenerife

Did you know that Mount Teide has one of the best skies in the world for stargazing? At sunset, Teide undergoes a magical metamorphosis thanks to its altitude and scarce light pollution. Remember to include a night visit to the National Park among your Tenerife excursions.

Mount Teide Night Tour

Enjoy a starry night on Mount Teide on our trips in Tenerife with pick-up from the main areas of the island: Puerto de la Cruz excursions, Los Gigantes excursions and Costa Adeje excursions. These Tenerife tours offer the opportunity to behold the sunset from a viewpoint in the National Park and stargaze using long-range telescopes, with approachable explanations by a Starlight guide.

Sunset and Stars Tour with cable car

Go up Teide by cable car and enjoy the highest sunset in Tenerife as well as one of the best starry night skies in the world. These Tenerife excursions include transportation from both northern and southern Tenerife, cable car tickets to watch the sunset at an altitude of 3,555 m and long-range telescopes for astronomical observation.

VIP astronomical observation on Teide + planetarium

Without a doubt, this is one of the most exciting things to do in Tenerife for astronomy enthusiasts. This private tour is about observing the Universe from a privileged location with the possibility of enjoying the stars even more inside a planetarium.

Teide Observatory

In the mountains of Tenerife you can find the largest solar observatory in the world: the Teide Observatory, which you can visit on different Tenerife tours: Puerto de la Cruz excursions, Los Gigantes excursions and Costa Adeje excursions, in addition to trips in Tenerife with departure from other important pick-up points.

Tenerife Astronomic Tour

If you are interested in the Universe, you’re in luck, because these 2-in-1 Tenerife excursions for astronomy lovers include a visit of the Teide Observatory and a stargazing experience with a Starlight guide. Those who prefer private Tenerife tours may book the VIP Astronomic Tour which allows to enjoy an exclusive visit.

VIP Teide Tour

Our Tenerife day trips to visit the Teide National Park and the Teide Observatory privately, during the day, and with a guide.