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Enjoy this perfect exclusive tour for astronomy lovers in Tenerife

The VIP Astronomic Tour is our most perfect trip through Teide for astronomy lovers, with transport also offered from various points on the island of Tenerife for small, private groups.

During this activity, which lasts 8 hours and a half, our guide will accompany you and the person you choose at all times.

Your private astronomic tour in Tenerife includes a guided visit in the afternoon of the Teide Observatory, the largest solar observatory in the world, a picnic to regain your energy and stargazing by night using a telescope under the clear and pure sky of the Teide National Park, in the company of a Starlight guide.

The Teide Observatory by day for you only

Tenerife is so much more than just sun and beaches.

This friendly island is also famous for science and its volcanoes.

Did you know that the Canary Islands are one of the three best spots in the world to observe the sky, along with Chile and Hawaii?

This is why we are fortunate to have the most important solar observatory here in Tenerife.

The Teide Observatory began to operate in 1964. Since then it has been focusing on solar observations and robotic astronomy. Furthermore, it is home to many solar and nocturnal telescopes, owned by different European countries.

Did you know that the researchers who work at the Teide Observatory make great contributions to the field of science, with an average of one publication per day, through the Canary Islands Institute of Astrophysics, the institution that manages this solar observatory?

By booking this exclusive astronomic tour you will visit this very spectacular scientific centre with whom you choose, and you will learn with us about the Teide Observatory and the work carried out in it by astrophysicists.

The guides on this exclusive excursion for astronomy lovers will take you on an afternoon guided tour of the Teide Observatory, where you will feel like a scientist for a day as:

  • You will be introduced to the importance of the sky in the Canary Islands, the Teide Observatory telescopes and the different projects of the IAC, the Canary Islands Institute of Astrophysics.
  • You will participate in an astrophysics workshop, held in the Teide Observatory visitors centre, where our Starlight guides shall explain what astrophysics is and how the astrophysicists in the Teide Observatory conduct their research.
  • You will observe sunspots and solar flares through two solar telescopes that we will make available to you so that you can enjoy the sun like never before.
  • You will visit the inside of a nocturnal telescope and won’t leave until you learn about its exciting history and know how it functions.

Enjoy one of the best sunsets in Tenerife privately

After the guided visit in the afternoon of the Teide Observatory, included in your VIP Astronomic Tour, and while you wait for the nighttime stargazing, also included in your astronomical night on Mount Teide, there is nothing better than to enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets you can imagine: the superb sunset in the Teide National Park.

The twilight bathes the National Park in beautiful colours. So that even if you have already been to Teide during the day, you will feel as though you have never been here before.

Regain your energy with a snack before continuing your exclusive astronomic tour in Tenerife.

After the sunset and just before starting the astronomical observation under the sky of Teide, you will savour a delicious picnic so that your inner astronomer can regain strength for the grand finale of the night: stargazing using long range telescopes.

Discover the secrets of the Teide sky with an astronomical observation arranged for you only

Tenerife is a privileged island, not only because of its climate.

Have we mentioned that 83 of the 88 existing constellations can be seen from Mount Teide?

It is because the peaks of the island are the best spots to stargaze in Tenerife.

Which is why the Teide, away from the light pollution of urban areas, is the best place to observe the stars in Tenerife.

Our guides will unravel for you the secrets of the starry sky over the Teide National Park

You will learn how to guide yourself thanks to the sky.

You will also discover both the elements of Greek mythology that hides behind the constellations and the relationship between them.

Closer to the stars with the VIP Astronomic Tour professional telescopes

The astronomic observation included in this private excursion will be held in a separated area, close to the Teide Cable Car station.

Thanks to our professional, state-of-the-art telescopes, you will discover planets, galaxies and clusters as you have surely never seen before.

Because during the astronomical observation, you can use telescopes to go through the most interesting celestial objects of every night.

Did you know that our monitors will provide you with relevant information about the objects that you will see through the lens?

We are sure that our professional astronomical instrumentation, along with the quality and transparency of the sky above the summits of Tenerife, will give you a unique experience.

Astronomical observation on full moon nights

As you may already know, the moon passes through different phases during its 29-day cycle, that is to say, lunation.

Therefore, at least once a month, its potent glow will dim the faint light of the distant stars.

If you book this tour to enjoy astronomy privately in Tenerife on the night of the full moon in Teide, you will take advantage of its radiant appearance and observe its splendour: mountain ranges, craters and other lunar wonders.

An interesting fact: you can find the Montes Teneriffe, Mons Pico and the crater Piazzi Smyth on the moon.

If we have surprised you and we have left you curious as to why they have these names, write this question down so that you can ask our guides on the night of your VIP Astronomic Tour of Teide.

  • The perfect tour in Tenerife for astronomy lovers
  • Daytime guided tour of the world’s most important solar observatory
  • Nighttime stargazing with the unaided eye and using telescopes on one of the viewpoints of Teide National Park
  • Exclusive astronomic tour for small groups
  • A minimum reservation for 2 people is required
What's included
  • Transportation and a guide
  • A Starlight-guide
  • Guided visit of the Teide Observatory
  • A picnic
  • Sunset and astronomical observation using a long range telescope
Additional Information

Changes and cancellations

In the event that weather conditions hinder or impede proper visibility through solar telescopes, or if they pose a threat to the physical integrity thereof, during the tour of the Teide Observatory, you will visit two nocturnal telescopes instead of one.

Should weather conditions prevent or hinder proper visibility of the stars during the astronomical observation, our guides will use audiovisual equipment to give you a virtual tour of the night sky, constellations and prominent objects that you would have been able to see, had the conditions been favourable.

Check our Terms and conditions for information on other reasons for cancellation.


Pick-up times:

The pick-up time and location will be confirmed the day before the activity.



Our facilities include public toilets.


Prepare for your visit:

Remember that you should be prepared for extremes in weather, both heat as well as cold, depending on the time of year in which you find yourself enjoying our VIP Astronomic Tour.

To make the most of your Astronomic Tour of Teide, please follow our recommendations:

  • Wear warm clothing and proper footwear. 
  • Protect yourself from sunstroke. 
  • Due to the elevated luminosity, wear sunglasses. 
  • Take plenty of water on hikes. 



Children under 8 are not allowed to participate in this activity.

People with health problems should consult with their doctors before undertaking this trip.


Important information: 

We would like you to remember that should weather conditions prevent or hinder proper visibility of the stars during the astronomical observation, our guides will use audiovisual equipment to virtually show you the night sky, constellations and prominent objects that you would have been able to see, had the conditions been favourable.

Dónde Estamos

The Teide Observatory is located at an altitude of 2,390 m, in Izaña, on the island of Tenerife (Spain). The entrance is located at km 1 of the TF-514 motorway, which can be accessed from km 37 of the TF-24 motorway. It takes approximately two hours to reach the Teide Observatory from the south of the island, an hour and a half from Santa Cruz, and an hour from Puerto de la Cruz.

Its geographic coordinates are: Longitude: 16°30'36.1" West - Latitude: 28°18'08.3" North. UTM: 28.302294, -16.510021

Google Map

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