Hiking trails in Tenerife

The best hiking trails in Tenerife

The island of eternal spring is perfect for hiking; Tenerife has countless trails through spectacular landscapes that offer breathtaking views.

Welcome to Tenerife: hiking tours in paradise

Enjoy being surrounded by nature and discover the island’s landscape doing what you love the most: hiking in Tenerife and seeking adventure! Break free from your daily routine and feel active and energised.

48.6% of Tenerife’s surface is protected. This is good news for you, because you have almost half of the island at your disposal to discover with your boots and rucksack by hiking in Tenerife during your holiday.

There are countless different trails for hiking; Tenerife is the ideal location with coastal, volcanic and green trails to be found across the island. If you’re looking for variety when choosing between Tenerife hiking tours, this is the place for you!

Hiking Teide: volcanic trails

Teide National Park has over 30 trails to choose from so whatever you look for in hiking, Tenerife has something for you. The Teide trails that climb to the peak of Mount Teide at an altitude of over 3,555 m offer the most spectacular views.

Depending on the Teide hiking trails you choose, you can enjoy:

  • The trail that follows the historic climbing path to ascend Mount Teide. This is the most demanding trail up the mountain and is completed entirely on foot: climbing Mount Teide along the Montaña Blanca trail
  • The trail to the Mirador de La Fortaleza viewpoint boasting fantastic views of the northern slope of Tenerife and the amazing sea of clouds
  • The trail to the Pico Viejo viewpoint, with impressive views of the islands of La Palma, El Hierro and La Gomera on the horizon and the multicoloured Pico Viejo crater, which is 800 in diameter, at your feet
  • The trail to the Teide crater; you need to obtain a special free permit to access the crater.

Mount Teide hiking trails on foot

Of all the trails that lead up Mount Teide, the most physically demanding is undoubtedly the trail that ascends to the peak via Montaña Blanca.

You can follow the trail independently, or if you would prefer to climb Mount Teide in the company of a Teide National Park guide, choose our VIP Ascent to the Peak on Foot excursion; this tour includes the crater permit, a Teide cable car ticket for the descent and transport from the north and south of Tenerife (min. 2 people). We have the best Tenerife hiking tours, and everything you need is included in the price of the activity, so that you don’t have to worry about anything. 

Hiking Teide with cable car

The perfect option for hiking in Tenerife if you want to reach the peak of Mount Teide but climbing to the summit by foot alone isn’t possible as it is too demanding for you or your travelling companions.

Our excursion to Mount Teide to ascend to the Peak with the help of the Cable Car lets you reach La Rambleta by cable car before hiking the Telesforo Bravo trail that leads up to the main crater of the highest volcano in Spain. You’ll be joined on your dream route by a professional guide and won’t need to worry about getting permits or fitting your hike around the cable car timetable: we take care of everything. 

Would you like to enjoy this experience in private with transport included? Consider it done! Just choose our VIP Ascent to the Peak by Cable Car tour (min. 2 people).

Hiking Teide National Park: trails for families with children over 5

Mount Teide is an active volcano and the highest peak in Spain, so you might think it isn’t suitable for visiting with children. But think again: ascending Teide with children and doing some hiking along the way can definitely be done.

Our “Cable Car return ticket + Guided tour to the Pico Viejo viewpoint” activity makes it all possible. Take the cable car up to La Rambleta and then set off on a trail full of fascinating details; warm your hands over fumaroles, follow paths formed by lava flows and climb up to the Pico Viejo viewpoint. All the family will enjoy hiking; Tenerife is perfect for families and this excursion is designed to be child-friendly.