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When visiting the volcano we recommend using appropriate clothes and footwear which will allow you to walk on rocky terrain and protect you from changes in temperature.

Don’t forget to carry water with you if you choose to do one of the routes that start from the upper station. Sunglasses are also a good idea. The routes are the best way to discover the volcano, but don't stray from the marked paths. Of the three routes No. 10, No. 11 and No. 12, only the route No. 10 leading to Teide Peak requires a free permit from the Teide National Park's administration, which can be requested on-line at Remember that this permit must be applied for with enough time before your visit, so if you wish to visit the peak the first thing you should do is make sure there are available reservations.

Teide Cable Car is located within a protected national park and therefore we must follow a series of basic rules of civic behaviour and respect of the natural environment, such as not littering or taking rocks, plants or animals. It is prohibited to make fire, loud noises or to camp.


  • People with heart problems, pregnant women, and children under 3 are not allowed to ascend by cable car due to the risk that high altitude poses to their health. If you have any health problems, consult your doctor before planning your visit or booking your Mount Teide Cable Car tickets.
  • In accordance with current regulations, persons with any physical disability or motor impairment are not permitted to make the ascent by cable car, because of the potential risks if the vehicle has to be evacuated.
  • It is essential to bear in mind that in the event of the failure of the cable car system due to unexpected technical reasons, passengers already at the upper station will have to make their descent on foot and using steep mountain paths.