Tenerife is a privileged island, not only because of its climate. The peaks of the island, away from the light pollution of urban areas, are the best place to stargaze in Tenerife.

In fact, since 2014, the sky of the Teide National Park is recognised as a “Starlight Destination” in the “Tourist Destination” category; a title awarded by the Starlight Foundation certifying that stargazing in the Teide National Park meets the requirements and procedures for the protection of the sky and its natural and associated cultural values.


Interesting facts about stars

Did you know that there are aproximately four hundred thousand million stars in our galaxy? It is an impressive figure. Almost as astonishing as the number of stars that make up the Milky Way: about a hundred thousand million.

Do you know how many constellations there are and how many of these constellations can be seen from Mount Teide?

Stargazing in Tenerife
The Milky Way seen from Mount Teide.

Take me stargazing on Mount Teide

According to the International Astronomical Union, every night the starry sky presents 88 constellations which transport us immediately back to the ancient times when different civilizations, who relied on the constellations to guide their travels and used them to develop their religious and agricultural calendars, had the powerful imagination to name the constellations after what their shape reminded them of.

From Tenerife, 83 of the 88 officially recognised constellations can be seen. To do this, you only need to go up Mount Teide to view all the constellations of the northern hemisphere and most constellations of the southern hemisphere. You’ll enjoy stargazing on Mount Teide like never before during one of our experiences!

And of all our activities to discover the night skies of Tenerife, we’d recommend the Mount Teide Night Tour. You’ll enjoy comfortable transport to see an unforgettable sunset at one of the best viewpoints in the National Park (don’t forget your camera!), then, as the stars come out, you’ll take part in an astronomic observation at Teide Cable Car base station at an altitude of 2,365 m, with long-range professional telescopes and explanations from our Starlight guides. A fascinating experience that has it all!


Phenomena that can be spotted during a Mount Teide stargazing tour

Throughout the year, the sky offers us various celestial shows that you cannot miss when visiting Tenerife, as Mount Teide by night becomes the best amphitheatre to sit back and enjoy stargazing.

Teide stargazing tour
Geminid meteor shower seen from Mount Teide.

Some of the most spectacular stellar phenomena take the form of meteor showers. Perhaps the best known for being the year’s last, and of high intensity, is the Geminid meteor shower, though the sky treats us to meteor showers almost every month: the Quadrantids in January and the Perseids in August are just some of the various meteor showers that occur throughout the year.

If you visit Tenerife in summer, you will find that the starry summer sky has two main protagonists: the Milky Way and the Summer Triangle.

The Milky Way is a spectacular misty band that crosses the sky and is especially visible during the summer months, whilst the Summer Triangle is a unique formation of three bright stars which, in the summer, reign over the top part of the sky.


Show me my options for stargazing on Mount Teide!


The best stargazing trail in Tenerife

Looking at the stars from the Teide National Park is an extraordinary experience. It is an indisputable fact that from there you can see the rings of Saturn, countless galaxies and nebulae, and even the craters of the Moon.

There’s a good reason why Mount Teide and the Peaks of Tenerife have been awarded the Starlight Certificate, in recognition that they are among the best places in the world for stargazing.

The location, the low levels of light pollution, and the volcanic landscape all contribute to making viewing the stars from the Teide National Park a truly magical experience.

Add to that the area’s pleasant climate, and a Teide stargazing tour becomes something to be enjoyed at any time of the year. So below, we list the places where you can get the most enjoyment from stargazing in Tenerife.


Where to go stargazing in Tenerife

When looking for somewhere that will give you the perfect stargazing experience in Tenerife, the first thing to consider is as important as it is obvious: you need a spot that is well removed from any source of strong light.

Be aware that torches will dazzle you, and that it will take at least fifteen minutes for your eyes to become accustomed to the dark. It’s best if you put red tape over the bulb.

Another factor to take into account if you want to enjoy the night sky over Tenerife is that you need to find an open space, to give you the widest possible field of vision.

Next, we need to talk about equipment: as a minimum you will need binoculars, but ideally you’ll have professional, long-range telescopes such as you’ll find at the cable car base station, and which we use during each Teide stargazing tour—making this the best spot in Tenerife to see the stars.

But it’s not the only place.

The starry sky of Teide
The star-strewn skies over Mount Teide.


Mount Teide: the best place for stargazing in Tenerife

We can say for certain that Mount Teide is the best place for star watching in Tenerife because the conditions, from any of its viewing points, are perfect: there is no light pollution, they offer a panoramic view, and they are in the midst of nature.

We recommend the cable car base station for your stargazing experience in Tenerife.

Our Mount Teide stargazing tour takes place at this exceptional vantage point, with accredited guides in attendance to help you to understand the celestial bodies you see before you. You will also have access to high quality professional telescopes so you get the most from this stargazing experience in Tenerife.

If there’s one stargazing trip from Tenerife’s Teide National Park that never disappoints, it is the Sunset & Stars tour, which combines seeing the spectacular sunset from the path up to the Pico Viejo Viewpoint, with stargazing after dark, accompanied by a Starlight guide from the cable car base station.

If you are fascinated by astronomy, the Astronomic Tour combines an afternoon visit to the Teide Observatory with a night-time stargazing experience in Tenerife.

The visit to the observatory is conducted by expert guides, as is the stargazing session from an altitude of 2,356 metres at the Teide Cable Car base station. All with the aid of long-range telescopes, naturally.

In case you would prefer to enjoy stargazing in Tenerife from some other location, we can suggest an alternative.


Another interesting stargazing spot in Tenerife

If you’re looking for a Tenerife stargazing tour from somewhere other than the peak of Mount Teide, the Mirador de Masca is a natural balcony looking out onto the universe. The viewing point is at an altitude of 1,000 metres, and is on the road between Masca and the town of Santiago del Teide.

This is a good point from which to look at the sky over Tenerife, but be aware that you will need to take your own equipment. Also, as it stands on the side of a gorge, the road is rather steep and there is little parking space.

Provided you take these factors into account, this is somewhere that could be included in your own stargazing trip in Tenerife.

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