The only place you should visit in Tenerife this Christmas

Christmas is coming! Yes, that time of year you’ve been looking forward to because it allows you to take a few days off from work to travel far and disconnect from all the routines and the stress of everyday life.

If you spend Christmas in Tenerife, most likely you’re also running away from the cold to spend a few days in the sun at the hotel pool or on one of this beautiful island’s wonderful black sand beaches.

If you travel to Tenerife to relax and spend a few days in this paradise, and travelling back home without having visited the island’s most important tourist attractions is not an option, we suggest some of the things you can do this Christmas in Tenerife, so that you can return home after having crossed them off your list of things to do during Christmas vacation in Tenerife.

Ascend Spain’s highest peak by Cable Car

If you have rented a car to move freely around the island this Christmas and you plan to enjoy Tenerife’s tourist attractions on your own, ticket in hand, why not book your Cable Car tickets online? You will cover the ascent of nearly 1,200 m in the comfort of the cable car, during an 8-minute journey. 

Once at the top, you can enjoy the landscape of Tenerife in serenity from an altitude of 3,555 m while doing some of the upper station routes and trails. The views are superb. You can trust us on that. Following the trail to the Pico Viejo viewpoint, you will find peace in the immensity of the views over the southern part of Tenerife and some of the neighbouring islands of the Canary archipelago, if the day is clear.

Go up Mount Teide by Cable Car during Christmas

Take a trip around Teide National Park and go up the volcano

If you do not plan to rent a car during your Christmas vacation in Tenerife, or if despite having rented one you prefer to forget about it and calmly enjoy Europe’s most visited national park without having to worry about where to park your car, the best option for you is to visit this Martian landscape on our excursions for small groups of up to 15 people and a guide.

You can visit Mount Teide this Christmas during the day to return to the hotel early, or in the afternoon to enjoy Mount Teide in the peaceful hours of the day, with a relaxing sunset seen from the heights as the grand finale of your getaway to the National Park.

Pick-ups in the north and the south of the island are scheduled for both excursions, so there’s nothing to worry about. Moreover, since our excursions are designed for small groups, you will spend more time enjoying the tour and less time onboard the coach while we pick up other tourists.

Visit Europe’s most visited national park during the day and ascend by Cable Car

A calm way of visiting the symbol of Tenerife. Throughout this 8-hour excursion you will enjoy the unique landscapes of Europe’s most visited national park in serenity, observe the volcanoes that caused the most recent eruptions in Tenerife, learn about how the Canary Islands were formed and ascend by Cable Car to an altitude of 3,555 m during the day to take a deep breath while beholding the impressive and relaxing views of Tenerife and some of the neighbouring islands.

A perfect tour if you like making the most of the day from early hours.

Excursion to Teide with Cable Car - Christmas Tenerife

Visit the third highest volcano in the world in the afternoon and ascend by Cable Car to watch the sunset from an altitude of 3,555 m

Behold the volcanic landscapes of Mount Teide drenched in the warm light of the late afternoon in a small group, take with you a new impression of the national park and ascend by cable car outside the usual hours of operation to take in what is probably Tenerife’s best sunset.

Although it is still the same volcano and you might have seen the same views by day, the experience is completely different at dusk!

Excursion to Teide at sunset during Christmas

This Christmas, enjoy Spain’s highest peak in a relaxed way

Which of our suggestions do you like the most?

Whichever option you choose, remember to wear warm clothes. Although it’s Christmas in paradise, Teide is still the highest peak in Spain, therefore, its high mountain climate is very cold during Christmas season.



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