Ascent to the Peak on foot

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06:30 Hrs   
Difficulty High   

Achieve your dream of walking up Teide via the Montaña Blanca at least once in your life

Have you dreamt of hiking up to the summit of Mt. Teide from Montaña Blanca for a while?

And if we were to tell you that you can not only make your dream a reality but also do it accompanied by a guide and without worrying about processing the permit to access the crater* because we do it all for you?

This is hiking to the peak of Teide, an activity where you can test your ambition to succeed on this fantastic volcanic route with the ultimate goal being the highest summit in Spain, standing at an altitude of 3,718 m and boasting impressive views of Tenerife and some of the neighbouring islands on the horizon.

The best trails on Teide for hiking enthusiasts

Your guided climb to Teide summit begins at Montaña Blanca at 2,320 m.

Did you know that this spectacular trail of high difficulty coincides with the historic climbing path of Mount Teide?

You should also know that on the Montaña Blanca trail, one of great volcanic, ecological and scenic interest, you’ll observe how the vegetation changes as the altitude increases.

What can you expect from this route to the crater of the Teide volcano?

  • You’ll begin the route on paths of pumice stone and lava; a low gradient ascending walk that lasts an hour and a half
  • The path narrows and a there’s a slight incline before you reach the Altavista Refuge at 3,260 m.
  • A stop at the Altavista Refuge will give you time to eat and allow your body to adapt to the different pressures of the climb and the climate.
  • You will continue on paths of solidified lava until you reach the Teide Cable Car station (3.550 m)
  • You will behold the spectacular views of the Teide National Park and the island of Tenerife from the cable car upper station.

The climax of your epic ascent on foot to the peak of Teide is the final stretch to the Teide crater.

The ascent will be much harder but we can assure you that the reward will be worth it.

After the final effort you’ll enjoy time to relax and take in the magnificent panoramic views of the Canary Archipelago from an altitude of 3,718 m.

With a rucksack full of new and exciting feelings, you’ll then begin the descent on foot to the upper station of the cable car in order to board the cable car for a quick and comfortable ride back to the base station.

And that’s it! You’ll have experienced the adventure that you’ve always dreamed of living: walking to the summit of Mount Teide on the historic Montaña Blanca route.

Additional Information

* Please be aware that the reservation of this activity will be pending confirmation until we have issued the access pass to the crater in your name.

In the event that we are unable to confirm the activity, we will offer you an alternative date or a refund of the amount paid.

Moreover, due to the way the National Park’s permit issuing system works, if you book this activity, you won’t be able to cancel it under any circumstances once we have confirmed the booking.

  • Live your dream of reaching the highest peak in Spain on foot
  • Special permit from the Park to access the crater
  • Enjoy spectacular views of the Park and some of the neighbouring islands
  • Start at Montaña Blanca until you reach the summit with a guide
  • Descend comfortably by cable car
  • A hike of high difficulty that will make you feel accomplished
What's included
  • Special permit from the Park to access the crater
  • A guide
  • Ticket for the descent by cable car
  • Transfer from the south of the island.
What's not included
  • Food and drinks
Additional Information


In case of discount tickets for children or local residents, a supporting document is required to prove entitlement to discount.


Changes and cancellations:

In the event that it is not possible to ascend to the peak on foot due to adverse weather conditions or the closure of one of the trails we usually walk during this hiking activity, we will cancel your hike to Teide and give you a refund of the amount paid.

If the cable car cannot be used to descend on the day of your hike to the peak of Teide due to adverse weather conditions, we will offer you two alternative options: descent on foot from the peak to the starting point of the Montaña Blanca trail or a shorter walk up to the Refuge only, without accessing the crater, and then descent on foot down the Montaña Blanca.

In the event of the onset of poor weather conditions during the hike, your guide, who knows the suitable conditions of the mountain, will decide whether to continue the ascent to the peak of Teide on foot or cancel it.

Since this activity includes a permit to access the crater, we do not admit cancellations once the booking has been confirmed. This is due to the way the National Park’s permit issuing system works.

Check our Terms and conditions for information on other reasons for cancellation.


Our facilities: 

Teide Cable Car facilities are perfectly equipped, including a shop, a café and a waiting room with Wi-Fi, among others, for the enjoyment of visitors.

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The base station

The base station is perfectly accessible by road and is located at 2,356 m above sea level.

Its modern facilities include two cars with a capacity of a maximum of 44 passengers. The cars take 8 minutes to reach the summit.

The views from the base station allow you to take in the spectacular peaks surrounding the Teide volcano.

The base station offers visitors a relaxation area, café and buffet restaurant with impressive views over Teide National Park as well as a souvenir shop and public toilets.

This is the place to find out about the different routes and trails you can do from the upper station.

The upper station

The upper station has a small hall from where you can walk directly outside.

It has Wi-Fi, toilets and the highest public telephone in all of Spain.

There is not a café but you can expect to find vending machines with drinks and non-perishable food such as snacks.

We recommend that you come prepared for all weather conditions since the upper station is situated at an altitude of 3,555 m.


Pick-up points and hours:

If your hike to Teide with the Cable Car includes our transfer service, we will contact you to organise your pick up.

If you are making your own way here, the meeting point is at 9.00am in front of the shop ‘La Casa de los Balcones’, which is next to the cable car ticket office in the base station. Please meet your guide outside.


Car park:

If you go to the meeting point by yourself, you can park your car in the Montaña Blanca car park or the cable car free parking with 220 places (open from 8.00am to 6.00pm), which is the finishing point of the activity).


If you choose to use the Montaña Blanca car park, where the activity begins, you should be aware that it’s public parking and there’s only a few parking spaces.


It’s good to know that the car parks are about 3 km apart.  you must take this into account in order to arrive on time at the meeting point located in the Montaña Blanca car park at 9.15am.



The base station’s facilities include an information centre and a shop.


Restaurant / Café: 

The base station offers visitors a relaxation area, café and buffet restaurant with impressive views over Teide National Park.



There are public toilets at the Teide Cable Car’s base station.


Prepare for your visit:

To make the most of your hiking activity to ascend to the peak of Teide on foot, please follow our recommendations:

  • Wear warm, comfortable clothing and proper footwear.
  • Due to the elevated luminosity, wear sunglasses. 
  • Take plenty of water on hikes.  

Please bear in mind that Teide Cable Car is located within a protected national park and therefore you must follow a series of basic rules of civic behaviour and respect of the natural environment, such as not littering or taking rocks, plants or animals.

Also remember that it is prohibited to make fire, loud noises or to camp.



  • Children under 14, pregnant women and people with heart problems cannot participate in this activity to walk up to the Teide crater via Montaña Blanca.
  • The ascent to the peak on foot is not recommended for people reduced mobility or injuries.
  • If you have health problems, you should consult with your doctor before undertaking this hike.
Dónde Estamos

Getting here: 

If you are in the northern part of the island

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  • Take the TF-21 motorway which connects La Orotava with El Portillo de la Villa and crosses the Teide National Park. The Cable Car is at km. 43. (N28º 15' 17" W16º 37' 33")
  • Take the TF-23 motorway from Boca de Tauce to Chío, which connects with TF-21.
  • Titsa bus, Route 348 Puerto de  La Cruz – Las Cañadas del Teide. Departure times: 9.15am from Puerto de la Cruz, with stops in La Orotava, Montaña Blanca (trail to the Altavista Mountain Refuge) and Teide Cable Car, and return from the Teide Cable Car departing at 4.00pm.


If you are in the southern part of the island

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  • Take the TF-21 motorway from Vilaflor to Teide National Park, the route of access for the tourist areas of Playa de Américas and Los Cristianos.
  • Titsa bus (guagua), Route 342 Playa de Las Américas - Las Cañadas del Teide. Departure times: 9.15am from Las Américas, with stops in Los Cristianos (9.30am), Teide Cable Car and Montaña Blanca (trail to the Altavista Mountain Refuge), and return from the cable car departing at 3.30pm.


If you are close to Santa Cruz or La Laguna.

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  • Take the TF-24 motorway from La Laguna to Portillo de la Villa (La Esperanza Motorway), which connects with TF-21 that will take you to the base station of the cable car at km 43



Mt. Teide is approximately an hour’s drive from any point on the island.

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  • Santa Cruz: 64 km
  • La Laguna: 55 km
  • Puerto de la Cruz: 45 km
  • Los Gigantes: 52 km
  • Los Cristianos: 47 km
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