Altavista Mountain Refuge on Teide

The Refuge remains closed until further notice, without a specific reopening date.

Although the Altavista Refuge is temporarily closed, it is still possible to live your dream of reaching the summit of the volcano and climbing the 3,718-metre high Peak of Teide, without sleeping at the refuge nor applying for the corresponding crater access permit to ascend either on foot or with the help of the cable car. You will find all the information you need in this complete guide on how to get up Mount Teide peak

Below we highlight the two perfect excursions to make your dream of reaching Spain’s highest peak come true.

Excursion to get up Mount Teide peak with a guide and a cable car ticket

The ideal option if you are short of time or energy to undertake the entire climb on foot from Montaña Blanca.

Ascent to the Peak of Teide by cable car

On this excursion—with transportation from northern and southern Tenerife—you will be accompanied by a guide who will explain all there is to know about the volcano. In addition, the permit required to go up the crater as well as the cable car tickets are included so you don’t have to worry about a thing. What more could you want?

Private excursion to get up Mount Teide peak on foot

We are facing a real challenge: climbing Mount Teide up to the summit along the Montaña Blanca trail. This private excursion is the perfect expedition to do with friends, as a couple or as a family. 

VIP ascent to the Peak on foot

Accompanied by your own private guide, you will walk through a spectacular landscape before reaching the top of the volcano at the altitude of 3,718 metres. Beholding the island of Tenerife and the neighbouring islands from a privileged spot—the highest peak in Spain—will be your reward for the effort put into the 5.5-hour hike.

The experience includes transport from the north and the south of Tenerife (optional), a permit climb up the Teide crater in the company of a guide, and a cable car descent ticket. Do you want to live this great adventure?

About the Altavista Refuge

The Refuge remains closed until further notice, without a specific reopening date.

In the Altavista Mountain Refuge on Teide, you can almost touch the stars under one of the best skies in the world for stargazing, and regain your strength for the hike to the Peak of Teide where you will enjoy one of the most spectacular sunrises ever seen. If you make a reservation at the Teide refuge and climb the Peak of Teide before 9.00am, you do not need a National Park's permit to access the peak.

The Peak of Teide
The Peak of Teide

The Altavista Refuge—the only shelter on Mount Teide—consists of two buildings and is equipped with an infirmary, a lounge, a dining room and a kitchen. It has three shared dormitories which can accommodate 54 visitors. The rooms in this refuge on Teide are heated and the beds are fully equipped with bed linen and warm duvets, so you don’t need to bring your own sleeping bag if you don’t want to. If you book a night at the Altavista Refuge on Teide, you should know that there are no showers, only toilets.

The original refuge was built in 1892 and the Tenerife Island Council took charge of it in 1950. In 2007, the Altavista Refuge on Teide was completely renovated

The maximum stay which you can book at the Altavista Refuge on Teide is limited to one night. Upon arrival, users are provided with the bedding and they can heat up food and liquids in the kitchen. The Altavista Refuge on Teide sells hot drinks, cold drinks and water, and also offers the possibility of heating up food.