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Audio-guided tour and Teide Legend exhibition


The bleak appearance of Teide National Park does not give any hint of the plant universe that emerges in spring, which, together with its geological treasures, makes it a unique place in the world.

The image that visitors take away with them from the Park will never be complete if you have not experienced and enjoyed the spectacular spring of Las Canadas del Teide.

Most plants take advantage of a short period between April and June to flower and reproduce, with one colour following another as the flowers take turns to offer this splendid spring range.

Some species are so abundant that their colour characterises the landscape, such as the white of the broom, the yellow of Teide straw and the red of the Teide Tower of Jewels in the few places where there are numerous colonies of these unique species.

Survival is hard because of the altitude and the lava; it is a tough task to adapt to the harsh conditions of the area. Also, its location above the sea of clouds provides double insulation for living beings: an island within an island. All this has favoured the formation of a great variety of endemic species that are unique to this area.