Sunset and stars on Teide
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the experience _______________________________________________________________ In Detail

Sunset and stars on Teide

Children under 8 cannot use this service.

A show of nature and Canarian sparkling wine 

You can enjoy the amazing sunset from one of the viewpoint terraces of the Cable Car upper station or from the Chío viewpoint. If the weather is clear the islands of La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro can be seen. You will also be able to enjoy a glass of sparkling wine from the winery Altos de Trevejos while you behold the sunset from this privileged spot.

If weather conditions impede the use of the Cable Car, we will reimburse 40 euros to non-residents and 20 euros to residents for the price of the Cable Car ticket. Please bear in mind that in the winter months it is more likely that the cable car is not operational due to meteorological conditions, in which case we would enjoy the sunset from one of the Park's viewpoints.

If it is possible to take the Cable Car to watch the sunset, due to recent snowfall we will not walk to the viewpoint of Pico Viejo to watch the sunset but we will stay in La Rambleta and take in the view of Teide’s shadow cast over the sea whilst sipping a glass of Canarian sparkling wine.

Typical Canarian dinner

After the sunset you will be treated to a cocktail dinner made with products typical of the islands that will make even the most demanding gourmet’s mouth water:  potatoes served with various mojos, skewers of carne de fiesta..., all served with white, red and rosé wines from the island.


After dinner, you will be able to behold the stars with the assistance of a guide who will take you on a journey through the fascinating world of the night sky. We will provide professional telescopes to view distant constellations and impressive planets like Saturn. The Teide National Park provides the ideal conditions to stargaze, which is why important astronomical observatories have been built there.

If the weather conditions prevent or hinder proper visibility of the stars, our guides will use audiovisual equipment to give a virtual tour of the night sky, the constellations and prominent objects that could have been seen otherwise.

  • Sunset enjoyed with a glass of sparkling wine from the winery Altos de Trevejos from one of the viewpoint terraces of the Cable Car upper station or from the Chío viewpoint
  • Typical Canarian cocktail dinner
  • Stargazing using a telescope with the guidance of an expert
  • Exclusive tour for a maximum of 100 people
What's included
  • Sunset with a glass of sparkling wine from the winery Altos de Trevejos
  • Typical Canarian cocktail dinner
  • Stargazing with Starlight guides and long range telescopes
  • Spanish, English and German-speaking guides
________________________________________________________________________________ Additional Information


  • Wear warm clothing and proper footwear.
  • People with health problems should consult with their doctors before undertaking this hike.
  • This activity is not recommended for people with heart problems, or pregnant women.
  • Children under 8 cannot use this service.

Important information: 

  • This activity includes a 20-minute long walk of medium-low difficulty, therefore it is necessary to be in good physical shape.

________________________________________________________________________________ Where to find us

Consult pick-up points. If your hotel is not a designated pick-up point we will contact you to set a time and place for pick-up, once you have made your reservation. Pick-ups are available from the south of the island, Puerto de la Cruz and Santa Cruz-La Laguna.

If no pick-up is scheduled, the meeting point is at the Teide Cable Car base station at the following hours:

7.30pm: from 1st to 26th.
6.45: Monday 29th.
6.45pm: from 1st to 30th.
6.30pm: from 7th to 14th.
6.15pm: from 21st to 28th.
5.15pm: Friday 4th. 
5.00pm: from 11th to 25th.
5.00pm: from 2nd to 23rd.
5.15pm: Friday 30th.


________________________________________________________________________________ Where we will pick you up from

________________________________________________________________________________ Location


  • Snacks: Cone of vegetable chips
  • Cheese board of Canary Island cheeses with a garnish and breads of different textures
  • Balls of gofio (dough made from roasted corn, millet or barley grains) with nuts, dried fruit and honey
  • Papita negra (Canarian black potato) with octopus salad and paprika
  • Balls of almogrote (spicy paprika-cheese cream) with caramelized Guayonje onions
  • Papas arrugadas (Canarian wrinkly potatoes) served with traditional sauces (mojos)
  • Sancocho Canario (salted fish, sweet potatoes and spicy red mojo sauce)
  • Corncobs and ribs with potato foam and coriander oil
  • Shot of watercress cream with gofio
  • Adeje style chicken skewer
  • Samosas (fried pastry) with a filling of rabbit in salmorejo marinade
  • Quesillo (Canarian custard flan) with palm syrup
  • White and dark chocolate Teide Rocks.
  • Canarian white wine: Valleoro dry (D.O. Valle de La Orotava)
  • Canarian red wine: Valleoro new (D.O. Valle de La Orotava)
  • Beer, soft drinks and mineral water

Are you a vegetarian or your diet has special requirements and you do not see enough choices on the menu? Call us at +34 922 010 444 once you have made your reservation and tell us your requests, so you can fully enjoy the cocktail dinner.

From  €61.00
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