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Teide Tour excursion to Teide National Park

If you want to enjoy the Teide National Park in all its glory, exploring the nooks and crannies of one of the world’s most visited national parks, the Teide Tour is a tour for you.

Throughout this 8-hour excursion to Teide you will enjoy more than spectacular volcanic landscapes.

Furthermore, on Teide Tour you will behold the volcanoes that caused the most recent eruptions in Tenerife. You will also learn how the Canary Islands were formed.

The Teide Tour excursion does not include lunch, but you will have enough free time to eat lunch.

Complete your trip with a cable car ride

There’s no better way to finish off your delightful visit to the Teide National Park than to behold the indescribable landscape of the largest national park in the Canary Islands from above, with the Teide Cable Car.

The diverse views from the Teide Cable Car’s upper station are superb.

Choose the viewpoint of La Rambleta to behold the Seven Cañadas and the Ucanca Valley, or walk one the two trails that the Teide Cable Car’s upper station offers to hiking enthusiasts, boasting views of the northern and the southern part of Tenerife.

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  • Discover Teide National Park and its striking landscapes
  • A magnificent tour through mountain roads, typical Canary villages and breathtaking landscapes
  • You will be accompanied by an official guide who will show you Teide National Park’s most iconic places

What's included...

  • Transportation
  • An official guide 
  • Departure from the north and the south of the island
  • Cable Car ticket

What's not included...

  • Food
  • Special permit from the Park for the trail to the peak of Mt. Teide
  • Ascent to the Peak of Teide

+ Information

La Chiripa Garden Hotel 9.25am 8.25am
Parque San Antonio Hotel 9.25am 8.25am
Noelia Playa Hotel 9.30am 8.30am
Dania Park Hotel 9.30am 8.30am
Black and Red (Concordia Hotel) 9.35am 8.35am
Titsa bus stop at Meliá intersection 9.40am 8.40am
Teidemar Hotel 9.45am 8.45am
Garoé Hotel 9.45am 8.45am
Botánico Hotel 9.50am 8.50am
Kiosko Paragüitas 9.50am 8.50am
Nivaria Hotel 10.20am 9.20am
TRYP Tenerife Princesa Dácil Hotel 7.50am 6.50am
Best Tenerife bus stop 8.00am 7.00am
Columbus Hotel 8.00am 7.00am
Olé Tropical bus stop 8.05am 7.05am
Titsa bus stop at Las Dalias Hotel 8.05am 7.05am
Isla Bonita Hotel 8.15am 7.15am
Titsa bus stop at CC. El Duque (close to Costa Adeje Gran Hotel) 8.15am 7.15am
Jardines del Teide Hotel 8.20am 7.20am
Plantación Hotel 8.20am 7.20am
Titsa bus stop Riu Arecas 8.20am 7.20am
El Mirador Hotel 8.20am 7.20am
Barrera Bahía del Duque 8.20am 7.20am
Titsa bus stop Avenida Playa Paraíso 8.35am 7.35am
Hiperdino - Roca Nivaria bus stop 8.40am 7.40am
Riu Buenavista Hotel 8.40am 7.40am

You should be prepared for extremes in weather, both heat as well as cold, depending on the time of year in which you enjoy this trip to Teide.

Our recommendations:

  • Wear warm clothing and proper footwear. 
  • Protect yourself from sunstroke. 
  • Due to the elevated luminosity, wear sunglasses. 
  • Take plenty of water on hikes. 

People with heart problems, pregnant women, and children under 2 are not allowed to ascend by Cable Car due to the risk that high altitude poses to their health.

The facilities at Teide Cable Car are not adapted to those with physical disabilities.


In the event that weather conditions impede the operation of the cable car, the price of the cable car return ticket shall be reimbursed at the following rates: Adults €27.00 (non-resident) or €13.50 (resident); Children €13.50 (non-resident) or €9.50 (resident); and the Customer may enjoy their free time in the National Park. Alternatively, if the Customer considers it appropriate, we will give them a refund of €6.00 and the Customer will take a visit of the Teide Observatory, which is available in English, Spanish or German depending on the day and time.

Since this activity includes pick-up service, changes and cancellations with full refund of the amount paid are only allowed up to one day prior to the booked date and up to 2pm.

Check our Terms and conditions for detailed information on other reasons for cancellation.


The base station’s facilities include an information centre and a shop. 

Restaurant / Café

There’s a cafeteria at the base station. 


There are public toilets at the Teide Cable Car’s base station.

In case of discount tickets for children or local residents, a supporting document is required to prove entitlement to discount. 

Where to find us

When making your reservation, please indicate which hotel you are staying at and we will send you an e-mail with the pick-up point and time.

Frequently asked questions

No, pets are not allowed.

Yes. We will pick you up at a pick-up location and we will drop you off in the same spot.

No, it’s not necessary. You can download it and display it on the screen of any mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.).


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The weather

Las Cañadas del Teide

Humidity 41%

Updated on Wed 18 Oct 2017 23:58:00 UTC

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Teleférico Open
La Rambleta Open
Nº 11 Fortaleza Open
Nº 12 Pico Viejo Open
Nº 7 Mtña. Blanca Open
Nº 10 Pico Teide Open