Volcano Teide Guided tour of the Anaga Rural Park

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Hiking through the Biosphere Reserve of Anaga

Make your way to the very heart of northern Tenerife with a guided trail through the Anaga country park, where you will find many surprises. If you thought you’d seen everything on the island, then get ready for this. This tour of the Biosphere Reserve of Anaga includes scenery found nowhere else on the Canary Islands, a demonstration of a local sport that will leave you speechless, and a walk through the north of Tenerife which the explorer in you will relish.

Discover Anaga and Canarian culture with an experienced guide

Pay close attention to everything s/he tells you. From the very beginning of the tour, the guide will tell you about La Laguna, Mount Teide, the local traditions and the terrain, all of which you will learn more about as the hike continues. Ask the guide questions and don’t hold back: make the most of this unique opportunity to explore the island with this priceless advantage.

Attend a live demonstration of the Shepherd’s Leap

The multitude of ravines, crags, steep slopes and cliffs have always posed a challenge for the indigenous shepherds of Tenerife. The method they came up with to overcome this challenge is known as El Salto del Pastor (the Shepherd’s Leap). You can see this technique in all its splendour and see what it can achieve with a demonstration at a stop along the route.

Traditional food in the Anaga Rural Park

To make this visit to Anaga even more authentic, you will have an opportunity at Taborno to sample some of the local dishes exclusive to this remarkable island. As well as enabling you to learn about the gastronomic traditions of the region, this will recharge your batteries to help you reach your destination (El Pico del Inglés). After a short rest, you will return to the starting point, having completed a walk to and from the heart of the Anaga nature park, a paradise for both nature lovers and all those who are fascinated by local traditions.

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  • A 6-hour guided tour of the Anaga Rural Park
  • Live demonstration of the traditional Shepherd’s Leap (subject to availability)
  • Breathtaking natural scenery unique to this part of the island

What's included...

  • Guided hiking trail
  • Traditional Canarian food and drinks
  • Round trip transportation


What's included

  • Guided hiking trail
  • Traditional Canarian food and drinks
  • Round trip transportation

+ Information

Tours begin daily at 9.30am, (although participants should assemble at 9.00am), and at 5.00pm the transport provided will drop you back where you were picked up.

Wear comfortable clothing (hiking gear is recommended, but not essential) and appropriate footwear; don’t forget to bring some warm clothing.

The tour of Anaga is not recommended for children under the age of 7.

It is possible that the Shepherd’s Leap may not be available on the day of your visit.

The trip may be cancelled depending on weather conditions or alerts. In this case, you will receive a full refund.

The cost of this guided tour is not refundable if you decide to cancel.


The experience includes round trip transportation.







Where to find us

The experience includes round trip transportation.

The one-way transport leaves from the Tourist Office at Plaza España (no number) in Santa Cruz de Tenerife at 9am. If your hotel is not nearby, you will be picked-up a few minutes past 9am (depending on how many stops there are on the way).

If you are going in your own car and do not want to park in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the second meeting point is in Cruz del Carmen at 9.30am, where you will be able to park and leave your car.


Our customers' reviews

An unforgettable experience with great professionals

We have been in great company, our guide Cristian told us about the history of the island while our driver, Sebastian, took us to the most wonderful places. They are both great professionals and we are very grateful for all the knowledge and treatment we have received. Congratulations!
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Teide Tour and Cable car ride
Verónica Doval Garabatos

We purchased our tickets in advance online and we had no problems whatsoever on the day.

We purchased our tickets in advance online and we had no problems whatsoever on the day. There was a great number of people that were left without tickets at the ticket office…
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Mount Teide Cable Car
José Ramón de los Ríos Martínez

Amazing way to end a day from the top of a volcano

Seeing the sunset in a place near to the Teide's peak is one of the most amazing experiences you can live here. We had good luck because the visibility was incredible, so we saw more islands from the top, like La Gomera, La Palma and El Hierro. Im from Tenerife, this was the second time I booked for this experience. And I would do it again, and again. 100% recommended.
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Sunset Tour
Ana Acosta Álvarez


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