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The best afternoon excursion to Teide for small groups

Enjoy Mount Teide in the afternoon, when there’s nobody else left visiting it, and marvel at what is probably the best twilight in Tenerife: the sunset at 3 555 m high with the Cable Car.

With our Sunset Tour you will fall in love with Teide at dusk so much that you will wish this experience never ends.

During the Sunset Tour on Mount Teide, which lasts 5 hours and a half, you will enjoy the spectacular volcanic landscapes that the Teide National Park is famous for while the sun is setting.

The arrival of dusk gives the area a warm glow, which allows you to appreciate subtle differences in the landscape that you don’t get to see during sunlight hours.

Since the visit takes place when everyone has already gone from the most visited national park in Europe, you will be able to seize the opportunity to observe the volcanoes that caused the most recent eruptions in Tenerife and get to know how the Canary Islands were formed, amid such peace and tranquillity as will relax all of your senses.

The Teide Cable Car is all yours on the Sunset Tour

Can you imagine what it must be like to reach an altitude of 3,555 m in your own private cable car?

Well, you don’t have to imagine it any longer because, with the Sunset Tour, this dream can become a reality! The Teide Cable Car will operate exclusively for your private group.

You will fly over craters and lava flows just before dusk.

Can you imagine the astonishing views at this time of day?

Tenerife sunset at the highest altitude and in the shadow of Teide

The twilight on this afternoon excursion to Teide will make you feel really special and privileged.

This is one of the best places to observe the formation and evolution of the shadow of Mount Teide, thanks to its height and due to the fact that the views from its summit extend to all horizons.

Teide’s shadow cast towards the island of Gran Canaria is one of the greatest spectacles that the volcano has to offer.

Marvel at the unrivalled Tenerife sunset from Pico Viejo on the Sunset Tour

The trail that leads to the Pico Viejo viewpoint is a marvel in itself.

At sunset, this trail acquires a beautiful array of colours that will be sure to leave you speechless.

Accompanied by our guides, on Sunset Tour you will discover, step by step, the volcanic wonders around this very imposing trail.

And to bid farewell to the Sunset Tour, when the weather permits, you will enjoy a picture-perfect sunset with the islands of La Gomera, El Hierro and La Palma on the horizon, and the impressive Pico Viejo crater, which is 800 m in diameter, at your feet.

Did you know that the Pico Viejo crater once housed an impressive lake of lava?

Complete your Sunset Tour with a dining and stargazing experience

If you already know that you will be left wanting to know more after living this volcanic experience...

If you love to try flavours that are new and native of the places that you visit, you can experience a menu designed by Erlantz Gorostiza, a chef awarded 2 Michelin stars...

If the starlit sky fascinates you and you would like to see it from Mount Teide, where it is possible to see 83 of the 88 existing constellations… 

There is a Sunset and stars on Teide waiting for you.

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  • An excursion for a maximum of 15 people. Enjoy Mt Teide more at sunset, when there’s nobody else left in this magical place
  • Teide Cable Car will operate outside its usual hours of operation
  • Marvel at the spectacle that is the Teide’s shadow from Cable Car’s viewpoint terraces
  • Take in the magnificent sunset at Pico Viejo - the most spectacular viewpoint in Tenerife
  • Special price! €10 discount already applied to the price only if you book before 15/06/18

What's included...

  • Transportation
  • Spanish, English or German-speaking guide
  • Cable Car return ticket (maximum 90 people, divided into different language groups)

What's not included...

  • Picnic (which you can add to your shopping cart as an optional product)
  • Astronomical observation
  • Guide in other language than Spanish, English or German


+ Information

Transport service with pick-up from the SOUTH of the island is available from 3.30pm to 4.30pm, and with pick-up from the NORTH of the island from 4.20pm to 4.50pm. Pick-up time depends on the sunset and the pick-ups scheduled for each day. It will be announced to you by e-mail and/or text the day before the activity, which is why we kindly ask you to check your messages. For the same reason we need you to provide the name of your hotel or address of accommodation, as well as a mobile phone number at the time of booking.

We will pick you up from one of the following locations:

TITSA bus stop Plaza Roja in El Médano Tourist bus stop at Parque Marítimo
San Blas Hotel TITSA bus stop ING in front of Atlántida Hotel
TITSA bus stop Excellent Medical at Golf del Sur Barceló Contemporáneo Hotel bus stop
Santa Bárbara Hotel bus stop Tourist bus stop at Alameda del Duque
Marino Hotel bus stop Bus stop to the side of Nivaria Hotel
TITSA bus stop Avenida Ten Bel Disa petrol station Padre Anchieta
TRYP Tenerife Princesa Dácil Hotel bus stop Guamasa-Santa Úrsula
Best Tenerife bus stop Las Águilas Hotel
Columbus Hotel Maritim Hotel
Olé Tropical bus stop La Chiripa Garden Hotel bus stop
TITSA bus stop at Las Dalias Hotel Parque San Antonio Hotel
Isla Bonita Hotel bus stop Noelia Playa Hotel bus stop
TITSA bus stop at the CC El Duque (next to Costa Adeje Gran Hotel) Dania Park Hotel
Jardines del Teide Hotel Stop to the side of Concordia Hotel (Black & Red)
Plantación del Sur Hotel TITSA bus stop at the Meliá intersection
TITSA bus stop Riu Arecas Teidemar Hotel
El Mirador Hotel Garoé Hotel
Barrera Bahía del Duque Hotel Taxi stand to the side of Botánico Hotel
TITSA bus stop Avenida Playa Paraíso Kiosko Paragüitas (next to Diverhotel)
Hiperdino - Roca Nivaria bus stop
Riu Buenavista Hotel
Callao Salvaje
Abama Hotel
In front of the Tropicana bar in Playa San Juan
Palacio de Isora Hotel
Allegro Isora Hotel (former Barceló Varadero) bus stop
TITSA bus stop Avenida Playa La Arena (next to Los Dragos del Sur Hotel)
Vigilia Park Hotel bus stop in Puerto Santiago (in front of Correos)

You should be prepared for extremes in weather, both heat as well as cold, depending on the time of year.


  • Bring warm clothing and proper footwear.
  • Protect yourself from sunstroke.
  • Due to the elevated luminosity, wear sunglasses.
  • Take plenty of water on hikes.

Our facilities are located within a protected national park and therefore we must follow a series of basic rules of civic behaviour and respect of the natural environment, such as not littering or taking rocks, plants or animals. Please remember that it is prohibited to make fire, loud noises or to camp.

People with heart problems and pregnant women are not allowed to ascend by cable car due to the risk that high altitude poses to their health.

Children under 8 are not allowed to participate in early evening and nighttime activities.

If you are not sure if you can participate in the activity, consult your doctor before planning your visit.

The facilities at Teide Cable Car are not adapted to those with physical disabilities.


Please bear in mind that in the winter months it is more likely that the cable car is not operational due to adverse weather conditions.

If on the day of your Sunset Tour you are unable to use the Cable Car, but it is possible to organise a guided tour of the Observatory, we shall only reimburse €6.00, corresponding to the price difference between the Cable Car ticket and the guided visit of the Observatory. Otherwise, we shall only offer you the toast at sunset, and we will give you a full refund of the Cable Car ticket.

If the trail to the Pico Viejo viewpoint is closed due to ice or snow on the day of the Sunset Tour, you can enjoy the sunset from La Rambleta and skip the walk to the trail of Pico Viejo.

Check our Terms and conditions for more information. 


The Teide Cable Car base station’s facilities include an information centre and a shop.


There are public toilets at the Teide Cable Car’s base station.

In case of discount tickets for children or local residents, a supporting document is required to prove entitlement to discount.

  • Water or soft drink
  • Sandwich (tuna, chicken or jam & cheese)
  • Chocolate bar

Where to find us

The Teide Cable Car base station located at an altitude of 2,356 m above sea level, by the TF-21 motorway which connects La Orotava with El Portillo de la Villa and crosses the Teide National Park. The Cable Car is at km 43. (N28º 15’ 17” W16º 37’ 33”). It takes approximately one hour and a half to reach the Teide Cable Car from the south of the island and from Santa Cruz, and an hour from Puerto de la Cruz.

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Frequently asked questions

No, it’s not necessary. You can download it and display it on the screen of any mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.).

You cannot use the Cable Car whilst pregnant, as the ascent involves a sudden change in pressure and level of oxygen.

This depends on the availability of spaces. That is why we recommend booking it at least one day in advance.



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